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    ETA Requests - Oveready / TorchLAB

    Yes, we reordered new caps end of last year but Covid laughed at that. We are planning a full LEGO release this winter that should include restocked universal clips and tactical caps. We are increasing 219b selection and availability across all triple options and should have this complete...
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    PIN entry with MOFF

    Sorry for the difficulty. The only pin that flashes all LEDs together is the 4 pin. This is also the easiest PIN to enter, so a good place to start. Watching the 4th video at 0:57, are you able to enter the 4 PIN (1111):
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    MOFF Speed Switch for BOSS

    yes. MOFF works with all BOSS bodies and does not require body modification. with the correct tools and procedures, a body can be changed McClicky > MOFF > McClicky > MOFF. The board can also be reconfigured turning Zero Mode on or off to coordinate with this change.
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    MOFF Speed Switch for BOSS

    Introducing MOFF Speed Switch: Read here for introduction Watch here to see how it works
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    ETA Requests - Oveready / TorchLAB

    Sorry for the lack of updates. Plans for titanium are not yet settled but should appear before next year.
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    ETA Requests - Oveready / TorchLAB

    219B & XPL ready to ship BOSS FT 35 Distressed E heads E35 Lights...
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    ETA Requests - Oveready / TorchLAB

    BOSS accessories will be back after we're caught back up with BOSS head and body production. I'm expecting body caps 3rd or 4th quarter this year. We had the caps themselves but temporarily sold out of the brass adapters that hold the standard McClicky configuration. Rings are back so DPC...
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    Stupid question possibly? Making custom p60 dropin for mdx 22.3 head?

    Gene made his drops unusually small, then made his hosts to fit tightly around them. Most drops are to large to fit Malkoff hosts without modifying one or the other. See if he’ll sell you an empty shell to build in that.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD- BOSS FT Clicky Distressed Aluminum 35

    Re: BOSS FT Clicky Distressed Aluminum 35 OVEREADY has a 30 day exchange window. If you just received that, email them for options!
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    rice rice baby

    Note that rice flavor can also come from preparation. So if it’s more then appearance you are after you may just need a better rice cooker. Zojirushi etc.
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    ETA Requests - Oveready / TorchLAB

    COVID hit our logistics. The last two insiders we’re supposed be out by summer and titanium was lined up for winter (now). That didn’t happen so we are lining titanium up for spring.
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    V5.1 Battery Examination Application Question

    Sorry for the difficulty. Unfortunately, the 113 pin has not passed our (OR/TL) quality control process and is not an official feature to be announced and supported. You'll need to check with lux rc directly as to its uses and behaviors.
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    ETA Requests - Oveready / TorchLAB

    Sorry guys. Covid hit our logistics and we pushed secondary production back to keep primary production going. We'll get back to parts soon. Caps should be in production this winter, but I don't have an ETA today. We've posted more from the last run, ready to ship...
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    Triple v5.1 Engine - 4 Mode Pages, 8 Modes Per Page, Double Click, Faster Pins

    Sorry for the confusion, link fixed. It should now point here: There are no plan atm. The current best options are 1) storing your 4 favorite programs in your lights itself and 2) saving them and additional programs as offline videos to be...
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    v5 Triple BOSS Flashlight (Bright Output Small Size)

    Weekend update, more ready to ship! whole BOSS, aluminum brass and copper 35 bodies XPL heads...