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    Flashlights that accept 1xCR123A or 1xAA

    By the way, does anyone know if Thrunite's Archer V2 series can be lego'd? It looks like Archer V2 1A, 2A, and 1C share the same running voltage, so wouldn't it be possible to just swap the battery tubes to make it work with 1xAA, 2xAA, or 1xCR123A configuration--just like the Quark Pro/Tactical...
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    Flashlights that accept 1xCR123A or 1xAA

    Oooh... Good one! Adding that to the list. Thanks.
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    Flashlights that accept 1xCR123A or 1xAA

    Yeah, that was a mistake. Thanks for pointing it out.
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    Flashlights that accept 1xCR123A or 1xAA

    I like having a 1xCR123A/1xAA light as duty backup and EDC primary. I recently lost my Quark X with 1xAA tube in Guam during FTX, and settled on a SRT3. In the process of searching for a suitable replacement for the Quark, I noticed the distinct lack of list showing flashlights that can feed...
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    Cryos Z44 with Solarforce bezel?

    If you are looking to put crenelated bezel on a Z44 type, Xeno ST03 and ST05 do fit.
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    What's HOT in the 1xAAA Platform?

    I'd really like to see a 1xAAA light with dual modes and momentary activation with consistent output, meaning no mode cycling whenever the switch is pressed. Most 1xAAA lights are twisties or reverse clickies with mode changing sequence activated by the same method to turn the light on. A...
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    Cheap 1000 lumen p60 droppin?

    If you are going to use stock Surefire hosts, it's going to be hard to achieve 1,000 lumens. To even get close to that number, you'd need to improve the heatsinking, which means swapping the head with something like FiveMega's Beefy head or Cryos cooling bezel, as well as using thermal paste and...
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    SureFire EB2 Backup - Review, photos, beamshots and discussion

    I'm actually sad that there's no way to attach a lanyard to the thing. Z26 is too wide.
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    New SureFire EB2 Incoming

    tonkem, Bright Guy has them in stock. However, I would recommend that you refrain from getting one just yet. It seems that some of them had their firmware flashed incorrectly, making the EB2 Tactical model behave like the Clicky.
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    SureFire EB2 Backup - Review, photos, beamshots and discussion

    Got my EB2-T today and it, too, had the clicky's UI. I called Surefire and the representative authorized the RMA within minutes, so that it could be re-flashed. I also voiced my concern about my lack of faith with the stock two-way clip, and asked if I could buy some more, and he said that he...
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    Surefire EB2 pictures

    Beamshot, please.
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    Surefire EB2 pictures

    When is the one with two-stage coming out? I NEED IT. NOW. BEFORE I GET DEPLOYED. ARGH!
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    Why is there a short pause before my XML flashlight lights up

    Which light are you talking about?