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    My solar powered indoor led lighting part 2

    i think this stuff is pretty cool, hats off to those able to create things they design, it must be a really nice feeling. keep it up.
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    A deeper look at the Personal Lighting Concept

    a few of my friends have been impressed with the brightness of some of my lights, they do show some interest, but probably couldnt care less. the ones that have shown interest, wanted the lights I liked the most, and I normally would have parted with the light, had I not liked them so much...
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    Cree Q5 bins...already? Can anyone be sure?

    can anyone tell me, that with the q5 having a greater forward voltage value than the previous versions, does that mean, lights that would not access modes because of current being too high (certain Li-po's, ion's etc), now will have modes available to them ?
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    Let's see those NovaTacs!

    That's what i want my edc to be. Far out, what a beauty. Some of those bezels are really "off the chain" in terms of style. Stainless raw bez ftw. (inova look into your heart, if you're going to take away the budget HDS, please don't make them sealed... 10 x cry emoticon. :()
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    New 2007 Inova T4 actual output in lumens?

    both awesome lights, if the t4 is anything like my reflecto t3, except brighter, i'd say you're in for a treat. my only gripe with the t3 is that it could be brighter, it's so nice.
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    Polycarbonate Lens? Why call it a lens at all?

    it would more than likely be milspec high impact polycarbonate, what most synthetic materials are made from which have to sustain sharp knocks or dull pressures, but still resist splitting and cracking whilst retaining its original shape. in orther words, it's not melted down tic-tac packets
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    Polycarbonate Lens? Why call it a lens at all?

    then cost would be upped, more rings would appear and if it's just a loss of lux they would compensate with driving the led a tad hotter. DW, this is what research and development is for.
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    Novatac Quality Issue thread - The Bad and The Ugly.

    Re: Novatac Quality Issue thread. dont lead me to believe inova out-source machining. ive owned a bunch and those threads are bank vault precise. I wish i knew what lube Mr DaveSevvvvens uses, the p2dq2se had this amazing stuff on it, much better than the so called "Awesome" teflon gear i...
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    Polycarbonate Lens? Why call it a lens at all?

    if you're someone who drops his light often, or is susceptible to impact, keep the polycarb lense, for torch whores, the sapphire, "piece of mind" will be the replacement. anyone who is confused, dw. It was designed with a polycarb window, i don't see, with the depth of it that it will be...
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    NovaTac 120T & 120P arrived!! MORE Photos!!

    I will order one now, because those stainless bezels are very nice, can I ask who made those? ...I hope lighthound has stock :popcorn:
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    Q2 By Accident?

    half-watt, you rule !
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    Fenix P2D Q5 Vs. Novatac 120P (Beamshots)

    just out of curiosity, what is the bin of the q5 used in the p2d ??
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    Fenix P3D CE

    it's funny how people always say this "blah blah, it's not bright enough, 160 lumens bollocks blah blah".. come nightfall... Boom! and I also thought my p3dce wasn't as bright as my p2dceSE on turbo, I was sorely mistaken.
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    New Inova T1 and T2 - why different run times?

    because inova are now avid crack smokers. It has to be the only explanation.