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    Hunting/Woods Light

    Is hunting with a light verboten?
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    LED street lights are gradually tuirning purple in Charlotte

    I wonder who is the manufacturer. I converted about 14,000 to Acuity about 4-5 years ago. Very pleased with the performance.
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    YouTube "Flashlight Reviewers"

    Marshall on Going Gear was the best and all of my flashlights came from them. Unfortunately he is no longer with us.......very sad.
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    Charging batteries in the device or using external battery charger, which is better?

    I guess I’m old school so I prefer external charging for all the reasons listed.
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    Imalent LD70 4000 lumen keychain

    Thanks! certainly not keychain in your pocket size.
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    EDC Forum Down?

    Looks like they’re down again!
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    Can anyone recognize this flashlight?

    Is that Fidel.......?
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    merry christmas

    Buon Natale!
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    [ENDED] XTAR Thanksgiving Giveaway & Black Friday Sales promos

    Re: XTAR Thanksgiving Giveaway & Black Friday Sales promos Yes, we want XTAR
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    Giveaway + Call for Review –> Klarus Titanium H1A…New Flashlight Products

    I own several older model Klarus and would love to use and then review newer models.
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    Seven Colorful MI7 for you choice, MAX 700 lumens

    I own several Klaurus lights. Bought the Mi7 a few months ago for pocket carry and probably turned it on 2 dozen times. Now no longer works........ very disappointing. I’ve had to send another Klaurus light back for repair a couple of years ago, XT10. And I just bought the H1a headlamp, hope...
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    Hope New Posts button comes back soon.........
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    Yes, this. What happened to New Posts?

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