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    Warranty service for neutral white quark x aa2

    Hmm, maybe massdrop could convince them with enough of an order, never say never :) Regardless, I don't see any lights in the lineup that I'd want as replacement at the moment. The 1st gen quark smart seems too glitchy still, and they haven't gotten android app yet. Hopefully future quark...
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    Warranty service for neutral white quark x aa2

    The circuit is intermittent, I need to wack the head against something to get it turn on. Then when I try to switch to turbo mode, it usually turns off, although sometimes it continues to work. Then from there it's won't get into strobe mode most of the time, either turning off again, or just...
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    Warranty service for neutral white quark x aa2

    Since foursevens no longer makes quark lights or neutral tint lights, how would my quark x aa2 in neutral tint be serviced? Would I get the same neutral tint light back repaired? Or just be offered a replacement light with cool white tint? Thank you in advance for the clarification.
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    Nitecore HC30 1x18650 battery,Cree XM-L2 LED,Headlamp REVIEW

    Got the idea from Kaom in another thread:
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    Nitecore HC30 vs. Zebralight H600w MK II?

    That's brilliant, I just tried it and it works!
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    Fenix HL35 review

    I've had the light for a couple weeks now. I have to say the light operates very efficiently and does a really good job of getting all the power some of my really old NiMH cells have left to give. I'm surprised on some of those that can't supply as much current anymore the headlight can still...
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    S1R Neutral White Edition

    The description says 5 modes from 0.5-800 lumens, and the specifications lists 10, 55, 270, 550, and 800 lumens as the 5 modes. Shouldn't this be the updated UI with 6 modes, 0.5, 10, 55, 270, 500, and 800 lumens? Appreciate the confirmation, and you may want to update your listing with the...
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    Olight S2A, R50, S1R - Photos, impressions

    The S1R in neutral tint is now available. Will you be getting one to test? The listing on olightstore shows odd lighting levels with no moonlight mode even though the description says the output range covers 0.5 to 800 lumens. The levels listed in technical details are 10, 55, 270, 550, and...
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    Fenix HL35 review

    I just got this light today. Pretty decent light. Main complaints are that it's a little heavy, the mode spacing could be better with lower candlelight and low and higher mid. So maybe 0.2, 20, 80, 200 lumens instead of the 0.5, 30, 70, 200 lumens spacing. With the current spacing, the...