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    The definitive Malkoff Hound Dog Super thread

    It's such a power hungry light that it runs better on 3 cells versus 2.
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    E2 Hyper Throw vs mdx/m91T

    I really like M91T
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    Can my OCD handle M91T on MD2 body?

    My M91T, don't know which rev it is, likely not the latest, doesn't power at all in an MD2. M61T is a better match for the MD2 overall and runs on full power.
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    Using Up CR123 Batteries

    I run depleted AAs in a 3xAA Malkoff M61LLL configuration. It's dim but does seem to get out a few lumens for a few days. The same thing for dead 123s. In a "9p" body
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    I Love Eneloops

    I had several "3rd gen" blue eneloops fail on me. Just zero voltage. Maybe they got overdischarged to zero, I don't know. I have some of the very early ones still running.
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    Best 18650 these days?

    Stay away from protected cells in a mission critical situation. They suddenly cut off, leaving you in the dark. I run unprotected Samsungs, the 3500mAh ones, in a 1x18650 Malkoff M61T configuration. For several years now.
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    Cool White (5700K) Cree XP-L versus Neutral White (4000K 80 CRI) Cree XP-L

    The low 15 lumen mode is terrible, dim and poor color rendition. The middle mode is acceptable and the high mode is best. Seems like the brighter it becomes, the better color rendition it gets. I will keep it if I can adjust to the low mode.
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    Wanted: Malkoff MDC 3.4-6V head MDC 5700K cool white

    I am looking for a Malkoff MDC 3.4-6V head in Cool White (5700K) Have a Malkoff MDC 3.4-6V head Neutral white 4000K 80CRI in mint condition to trade for the above. CONUS only.
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    Cool White (5700K) Cree XP-L versus Neutral White (4000K 80 CRI) Cree XP-L

    I have both and can't figure out which one best reflects reality. Seems neither one does. My MDC cool white is a bit off of course like all cool whites but it's not nasty by any means. The 4000K CRI seems kind of off all also. It paints things a bit too much yellow while the above paints...
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    Lanyards > clips

    I have cargo pants, with so many pockets that I can afford a dedicated pocket for an EDC light. Actually Vertx pants have a small knife/light pocket inside one of the pockets. Very convenient. The other two problems with clips are: 1) They irritate me when holding the light, I am not getting a...
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    Lanyards > clips

    I could never get the clip concept to work. Seems like it's pretty easy to lose a light clipped to a pocket. Knives also fall in the same category. Just easier and safer to put the light in the pocket. Not to mention more discreet. I work in a business casual environment so clips are an...
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    WTB: Surefire E2D body

    Looking for a reasonably-priced SF E2D body (2x123) I can mate with my Malkoff 6V MDC head. Maybe also a E-series tailcap.
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    MDC 16650 on 1x123

    A custom made 18350 body that I want to run either full power 3.7V 18350 and sometimes 123. with the MDC 3.4-6V head, of course I meant the 2xAA body with two L91s in it. They does power it on. So do Alkalines. It's obviously under-driven. I was aware of the thread, have it saved. I missed...
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    MDC 16650 on 1x123

    Have an MDC 3.4-6V head. It runs well on a 18350 of course. Don't have a 2x123 body but wonder how well it will run on a single 123 primary. I was able to get it to fire on one but wonder at what voltage it cuts off. I also have the MDC 2.3-3.2V head and that should run better than the above...
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    Sold/Expired Malkoffs, Jetbeam and Acebeams

    is the 123 body compatible with MDC-2AA? That is, unbolt the 2AA body, bolt on the 1x123 body? probably not but thought would ask anyway. would like to work out a FTF deal, message sent