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    Your thoughts on Malkoff MDC AA

    But you can swap the head for a malkoff dropin in a VME head.
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    Have you Malkoff'd your Maglite (yet)?

    All my Maglights (2aa, 2d, and 4d) have NiteIze LED drop-ins. They're not powerful, but they get amazing runtime the d-cell lights can be focused like a laser. These flashlights get used so rarely that I just can't justify dropping in anything more expensive.
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    Favorite budget light 2021

    The 1AA light definitely has a mechanical switch. It behaves like a forward clickie except that the difference between momentary on and clicked on is so small that it's very hard to reliably turn it on without clicking it on. Not at all like the forward clickies I'm accustomed to using on other...
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    Many lights or just the best?

    If I'm buying a light for a specific purpose, then "good enough for the purpose" is what I aim for. Some purposes require quality lights, some don't. If I'm buying an EDC light, then I'd rather spend $200 on one light that scratches all my itches than spending $40 on 5 lesser lights that all...
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    How to carry your flashlight and battery outdoors?

    I carry my headlamp on my head. I carry a flashlight with the same battery type on my belt. I carry my spare another flashlight. That way I have a flashlight to loan or I can remove the battery to power my preferred flashlight/headlamp. But I'm never out long enough to run my...
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    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    Malkoff M31LLL Streamlight 1L circa-2008 hi-cri HDS clicky all of them are great lights.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    I recently purchased the Energizer Hardcase 1xAA angle head task light. It's a simple single-mode light that's plenty bright and floody for close work even when your eyes are already accustomed to day time light levels. The clip is too strong to use with one hand, but will certainly hold the...
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    Favorite budget light 2021

    I've been carrying the Energizer Vision 1xAA described in the OP for a couple weeks now. I had to remove the clip because it kept catching on things (I'm not a fan of 2-way clips for this reason), but I've come to appreciate having 130L in my pocket during the day. During the night, it's a bit...
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    Favorite budget light 2021

    I recently bought the Energizer Hardcase 1AA angle-head light. It's a decent little work light. I especially like that the magnet is on the clip and the clip can be rotated, so you can aim the light in any direction (2 degrees of freedom). --flatline
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    Favorite budget light 2021

    I think Defiant has made some excellent budget lights over the years. I have a 1xAA Defiant light that I bought for $4 several years ago. It gets a ton of use at night because it's a battery vampire and I have a stack of "dead" cells to use up. --flatline
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    Favorite budget light 2021

    That sounds pretty good to me. I'll have to see if any local store carries the metal Energizer 1AA. --flatline
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    Favorite budget light 2021

    Is the metal Energizer 1AA as hefty (relatively speaking, anyways) as the metal 2AA version? From the pics it looks like it's similar construction. I have the Vision 2AA and don't really care for the beam (3 emitters, 2 focused by TIR, 1 diffused). From pictures online the 1AA looks like it...
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    EDC - What's in Your Pocket(s)?? Third Edition

    Right now it's a Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA, but for most of the day it was a Fenix e12.
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    If I'm running my M31, I use 2xAA. If I'm running M361 or a M61 varient I run 18650 + spacer. --flatline
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    Malkoff M31

    If it helps, I have the M31LL 219 from that run and it is 50L. --flatline

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