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    Favorite Shoes???????

    Danner 8" Acadia Boots. In my opinion the most comfortable and hardest wearing boot you can buy. Danner 8" Acadia Boots Website Jim Skinner
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    Worst professional musician

    The best guitarist thread got me thinking, who do you think are the worst famous/professional musicians performing today (or any time for that matter). Or those who are just barely adaquate but overhyped. To kick off this thread my picks are Ringo Starr CC DeVille (Poison) Noel Gallagher...
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    Best Guitarist Ever?

    Here's my list of some guitarists that I like but haven't been mentioned. -Terry Kath (Chicago) Even Jimmy Hendrix was impressed by him. -James Honeyman-Scott (Pretenders)Just listen to the guitar solo on Tattooed Love Boys -Bill Frisell, one of the most unusaual and original guitarists...
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    2004 Lummies around the Corner, Suggestions Sought

    Re: 2004 Lummies around the Corner, Suggestions So Best non commerical flashlight, or best low production flashlight, or best short production run flashlight. Jim Skinner
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    Are all 50 states represented in CPF? Different Countries as well?

    Born in Portland Oregon and grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon and went to Lakeridge High School (GO Pacers state soccer champions 2004). Spent 11 years in the US Navy and now reside in the UK.
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    LionHeart HA3 Now Building

    Re: More LionHeart HA3 Build Pics John What Time zone are you in? For instance my time stamp on my paypal said 10:24 AM BST (British Summer Time) 27 Aug 2004 however Hawaii is 11 Hours behind BST so Charlie would have recieved my Paypal at 11:24 PM 26 Aug 2004. So you may have squeeked in...
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    Any good Surefire Dealers in Las Vegas ?

    Klaus What I did this summer when I went to Florida is I ordered some items from LED Supply and had them shipped to the hotel where I was staying. I notified the hotel prior to ordering the items and about a month before I went on holiday I ordered the items. The hotel had no problem with this...
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    Home computers in 2004

    Minjin I did Nuclear Power School at Orlando, Florida (Class 8804) and prototype at S5G at NPTU Idaho Falls, Idaho. The family and I went to Orlando this summer on holiday and all of NTC Orlando has been torn down and turrned into a housing development. Jim Skinner
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    LionHeart HA3 - First Pictures!

    That looks absolutly great, I can't wait till i get my Lionheart here in the UK. Jim Skinner
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    ARC LS Owners.... ROLL CALL!

    LSH-P 1969
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    Home computers in 2004

    Minjin Which boat did you serve on, I was on the USS Drum (SSN 677) from 1989 to 1993. Jim Skinner Ex MM2(SS) Nuc
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    Home computers in 2004

    The main picture is of the manuvering room control panels from a nuclear submarine. From left to right, the steam plant control panel (SPCP), the reactor plant control panel (RPCP), and the electrical plant control panel (EPCP). The wheels on the SPCP are the main engine throttles, the big...
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    Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

    My Parents have a 25+ year old Kirby that was bought second hand in 1978 that's still going strong. I don't think you'll be able to say that about a Dyson in 25 Years. James Skinner
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    Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

    I've went through two Dysons. The original DC01 which did an amazing job of cleaning but was very poorly built. Had to replace the hose and the stair tool (twice) not to mention various small bits kept breaking off, finally the motor died after about three years normal household use. Now I have...
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    whats in your wallet?

    Hey there interesting user name. I'm curious what it stands for. O1O1O11O1O1O (Binary) = 1386 (decimal) 2552 (octal) 56A (Hexidecimal) I'm just curious what the meaning is Jim Skinner