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    before I buy a blf q8 is there any other lights in this category ?

    I'm not sure whether it is still active, but last week I bought a Q8 through a BLF group-buy thread for $39.95 with free shipping. In my opinion, it's about the most interesting 4x18650 soda-can light at any price. And reviews suggest that this latest version throws pretty well. Waiting for...
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    Nitecore LR12, “lipstick-lantern/flashlight”, XP-L HD V6, 1000 lumens, (beam)shots

    Never mind, I missed the part about the magnet in the review!
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    Nitecore MH20GT: XP-L HI V3,micro-usb, 1x18650, 362 meters, 1000 lumens, (beam)shots

    How does the beam, particularly the throw, of this light compare with a typical smooth-reflectored Convoy C8? Anyone own both?
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    Thrunite TN4A (XP-L V6, 4xAA) review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO and more!

    What does it mean when you say the minimum output is 18 (0.2)? Are those the lowest two levels? Why is only one low level measured on most lights?
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    Olight S15R (XM-L2, 1x14500/AA) Rechargeable + Dock Review: BEAMSHOTS, RUNTIMES+

    At what voltage did the low-voltage indicator illuminate for eneloop, alkaline, and Li-ion batteries? And did this readjust itself when using 2x eneloop or 2x alkaline? thanks!
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    $99 Giant TIR Light - Coast HP314 - Anyone Own This?

    I doubt they actually sell many for that price. A quick internet search said that the common price is around $175. And since it is a couple years old, possibly the $99 price at Fry's was in anticipation of a discontinuation or planned product update.
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    $99 Giant TIR Light - Coast HP314 - Anyone Own This?

    In order to get the $99 price (and access to other new deals each day), you have to give the checkout-register operator a numeric code that they send in an email, once a day. They are single-use codes. You have to register with them to start receiving the codes.
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    $99 Giant TIR Light - Coast HP314 - Anyone Own This?

    I was browsing in Fry's Electronics in Dallas yesterday and saw this $99 light. It is quite large - basically a body like a 4D Maglite, but with an oversize head and the largest TIR lens I had ever seen. Comes with a zippered rectangular semi-rigid carrying case and a few accessories such as a...
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    *NEW* Fenix CL25R camping light,micro-usb rechargeable, max 350 lumens

    I'm amazed that the people in the photo could remain motionless for that amount of earth rotation.
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    NITECORE HC50 565 Lm Headlamp REVIEW

    Does the switch cap also unscrew? I didn't see any pictures in this review with the switch cap off. If it is bonded, how do you replace the switch boot when it finally tears?
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    NITECORE HC50 565 Lm Headlamp REVIEW

    Re: I'd stay away from this light (HC50)... Broke after 3 ft fall Can anyone tell me how much the battery cap must be unscrewed to disconnect the light. It seems that floating board might maintain contact for quite a while. It might be handy to only need to slightly loosen and re-tighten the...
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    New Zebralight SC5

    I've had my SC600-II for about two years, and my SC52L2W for about six months. Prior to getting the 52, I left the SC600 on all night, every night, in one of the low modes. Plus miscellaneous walking-around usage on high and medium. Charged the battery every couple of weeks to one month. Now...
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    New Zebralight SC5

    It may be significant to note that the price of the SC52 was recently dropped by $5. I believe this matches the price drop seen on the SC51 before it was discontinued.
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    Blinky modes - Have you ever needed them?

    They are useful as attention-getters. When you drop someone off at a crowded shopping center, and then have to park and wait for them, a brief burst of strobe when they come out gets them to look straight at you and see the car. Otherwise, with headlights everywhere, they look all over the...