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    Heresy -- Flashlights are useless

    Directional lights and area lights are different products that meet different needs. Most of the time when I need a light, I need a directional light or some kind, but there are situations where I do want an area light, and for that reason, a Nitecore LA10 CRI (apparently now discontinued, so I...
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    dont ever move to a small town!!!!!

    Mental illness and addiction are tearing the heart out of small town America, leading to the rise of Fascism. Your assertions simply do not ring true for those of us who have actually lived in both big cities and small towns.
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    dont ever move to a small town!!!!!

    Literally the biggest advantage of living in a big city. No "Mrs. Grundy" up your backside all the time. The thing about small towns is people start thinking they have a right to interfere with your life. In cities, no one gives flying fart about you, specifically.
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    RCR123 that doesn't suck?

    When someone says "RCR123A" I consider that to refer to a cell with a voltage regulator that limits it to 3 V. Otherwise, it should be referred to as a 16340.
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    where to get wool blankets cheap?

    Fun story about Faribault. The company went bankrupt some years ago, the factory had shut down and was shuttered, and just before the mills were about to be broken down and shipped to China, the former CEO of Dairy Queen, who grew up in Fairbault, bought the company, and put everyone back to...
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    where to get wool blankets cheap?

    The only place you can get decent wool blankets inexpensively is at charity shops. The three I have were all purchased about 10 years at Goodwill stores in the Seattle area for $15 each, one a mint condition Queen size vintage Faribo, one a good condition vintage Queen size Kenwood (Kenwood...
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    Why does Fenix still not offer a REAL low mode?

    I own two Fenix lights that have 5 lumen modes, the E12 v2.0 (1xAA) and the HM23 headlamp (1xAA). I also own a PD36 TAC (1x21700), whose lowest mode is 30 lumens. Anytime the PD36 TAC is in my hands, you can be sure I'm not going to miss having a mode lower than 30 lumens, and anytime I'm going...
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    Any recommendations for quality binoculars?

    If you want the best optics currently on the market, then you want the Fujinon FMTR-SX 7x50 marine binoculars. They are not cheap ($700 USD at B&H Photo today), not small, and not light (over 3 lbs), but they are the finest you can get. I have the long-discontinued Pentax PIF 7x50, which rival...
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    U.S. lithium production

    The problem with cars is nothing to do with how we power them, it's about the fact that we spent an entire century building a world around cars, rather than people. One-for-one replacement of ICE vehicles with EVs is not going to change the fundamental calculus of human consumption, save to...
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    U.S. lithium production

    Yes, this. And it needs to be said that the research into Prussian Blue sodium ion batteries is resulting in batteries that, although they don't have quite the energy density, are cheaper to manufacture and withstand 10000 discharge/recharge cycles, compared with perhaps 300 for lithium ion.
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    Inflation -> recession

    The central thesis of Georgism is that, since Nature belongs to all the living in common, no one has any moral basis for any claim of property right in Nature. The land you occupy is not "ownable" in any moral sense, but it is true that in order for society to function, for civilization to even...
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    Inflation -> recession

    I submit that if this is genuinely your belief, you might not have sufficient perspective to judge the truthfulness of that statement. The ideas espoused by these women are objectively testable against factual evidence.
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    Inflation -> recession

    No, not at all. The product of your individual labor is neither a gift of Nature, nor the produce of Nature, it is the produce of your individual labor, and therefore your rightful private property, to which no other entity can possibly have any rightful moral claim. Georgism opposes all forms...
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    Do you use the Mini-Maglite butt cap lanyard hole?

    I don’t now, because I do not currently have a functional Mini Maglite in the house, but when I originally started using them as a Stage Technician, in those days, it was de rigeur to have a Mini Maglite on a lanyard, since dropping tools from a height can have deadly consequence. When I...
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    What flashlight do you keep in your vehicle?

    What would be the relevance of asking this question, unless you are laboring under the notion that ownership and operation of a motor vehicle is a requirement or identifier of adulthood? I don't find the question "offensive", I find it indicative of a certain mindset.