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    [Review] Fenix TK22 TAC - 21700-size, 2800 Lumens, Tactical Switch Flashlight

    FTR, according to what I was told by Fenix, the TK22 TAC is the model that was going to be the TK28 TAC, which was essentially supposed to be the PD36 TAC with the larger reflector for better beam collimation, but I guess it took them so long to actually ship the TK28 TAC that they apparently...
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    why so much hate towards electric cars?

    Why so much hate toward electric cars? Because they are still cars, and cars are part and parcel of everything that is wrong with humanity's relationship to the environment. Replacing fossil fuel powered cars with electric cars will not alleviate the largest impacts that driving has on the...
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    Will I turn into a Maglite fan once again?

    I've spent hours on the phone with my mother this weekend finally getting her user data backed up and transferred from her slow-as-molasses 2012 Samsung laptop to her new 2020 Apple MacBook Pro M1 (14x faster), and she mentioned to me that her flashlight (a Sofirn that her late husband had...
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    What's your favorite Vic Swiss Army Knife?

    For about the past 15 years, it’s been the Rambler. I’m never without one.
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    Knives vs Flashlights

    I can take a 200 year old carbon steel knife, and it will perform more than adequately. Try that with a 200 year old flashlight! 😂
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    Headlamp for close work (AA? COB?)

    The Fenix HM23 is a single AA headlamp with good color rendition. How bright do you need it to be, and for how long, for "close work"?
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    I think Nitecore has some very compelling products. I'm sad they discontinued the EC & EA lights, but I can't speak to longevity, as my EC11 is only a few months old. It certainly works excellently, so far, and I have my eye on several others of their products.
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    ham Radio

    Hmm…maybe I should see about upgrading my old Yaesu FT-100 to that sweet FT-897D.
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    "Practical" Lumens?

    It's important to note that for a true tactical flashlight, maximum output for a short duration fits the usage profile for personal protection/self-defense in many situations. You want that sudden stunning brilliance that you may not necessarily need or even want for more than 30 seconds. For a...
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    ham Radio

    There’s no official “prep course”, so I would ask people at a radio club in your area. Most people self-study for the exams, but it can’t hurt to have the guidance of an experienced operator.
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    Best AA edc flashlight?

    I replaced my Fenix E12v2 as my EDC with a Nitecore EC11, but if I had been able to get a Nitecore EA11, the AA/14500 version, I would have preferred that. The main advantage for me is having access to the red secondary LED with a single button press. Sadly, Nitecore discontinued both the EA11...
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    Most carried light, only 1.

    My EDC is a NiteCore EC11 with a Fenix 16340 battery (see .sig)
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    ham Radio

    I have let my license lapse, so I have to see about getting it renewed. I had a General Class license, from back when you still had to pass the Morse Code test, never bothered to upgrade to Extra. I have a Kenwood TM-D700AG VHF/UHF for my truck, and I used to have a Garmin GPS hooked up to it...