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    UK Shops? And branding?

    Heinnie Haynes - Great service.
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    any gamers ?

    Have you d/l the hitler mission?!
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    Flashaholics of the Northern Hemisphere Celebrate!!!

    He appears to be from the ancient 'chav' tribe.
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    hotshoe flashlight mount

    I was thinking about making my own, with a plastic hot shoe cover and some sugru/cable tie.
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    Interesting Video Finds Part 2 He hit the woof!!
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    What is your current EDC?
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    Recap: I'm going camping and not taking a flamethrower!

    Re: I'm going camping and not taking a flamethrower! 75% of the time when I'm camping (OK Glamping!) I use an E1E, I don't want to wake up the entire camp site when heading for the shower block. The other 25% is walking back from the pub, special rules then apply = M6/1185 combo
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    IMR Soft-Start query

    I'm thinking of joining the IMR set, by purchasing a MEGALENNIUM-B 3x18650 and using it with the FM1909 bulb. Just wondering do I need a soft-start with this setup? Or will the McClicky be OK? I have been using my 1185 setup without a Soft-Start by ensuring I don't use cell hot of the...
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    Car? (Pocket Rocket)

    Plenty of pocket rockets in here :) My personal choice would be a Tigercat E1, they can be had for <£5K Great fun!
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    HDS Ra Twisty (HDS Systems) - Part 2

    Have you tried resetting it?
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    HDS Ra Twisty (HDS Systems) - Part 2

    Re: Ra Twisty part 2 You could have a problem with the 'U' switches, is there a build up of 'gunk' around them. Especially aluminium loaded lube, ie the gunk looks silver. You can clean these switches with a cotton wool q-tip & Isopropyl alcohol. Otherwise, the switches can become...
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    What camera settings for true looking brightness beamshots?

    One option might be to use something like a P61 as a reference. Setup the camera using manual settings to achieve the best approximation of what is seen by eye, and then keep using these settings for subseqent beamshots. However, if your next beam shot is a Polarion the camera may struggle!
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    Sold/Expired (CLOSED) Prepayment for FM1909

    Re: Prepayment for FM1909 :paypal: 1* 4 pack FM1909 Thanks Fivemega!
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    bulbs & suggestions for new M6 shootout?

    Sounds like it's going to be a great thread. It would be good to see the Surefire M3LT thrown in to the mix for interest :)
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    LED Stage lighting

    UnknownVT, Do you have access to a Foveon sensor camera, I would be interested to know how thay handle LED purple/UV