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    **NEW** Fenix PD32 Ultimate Edition (XM-L T6 NW, 740 lumen)

    wjv, relax. I'm in the same boat. Order placed on 12/29. I got an email from Fenix-Store saying that my order will be filled out of the second shipment. December 7th is when the second lot is supposed to ship from Fenix. It also stated in the email that I may not receive it by Christmas. I'm...
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    What "Iconic" LED lights have to be put in a "HALL OF FAME FOR LED FLASHLIGHTS"?

    Re: What "Iconic" lights would have to be put in a "HALL OF FAME FOR LED FLASHLIGHTS" Fenix L1P. It was my first educated flashlight purchase. Still have it and still use it sometimes. I have bought a lot of lights since then, but there is just something about the simplicity of it that I love...
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    EX10 (1xCR123A) and D10 (1xAA) Part 2

    Well I guess that it's time to set up camp at the mailbox once again. Thanks 4Sevens!:twothumbs
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    4sevens EX10 (1xCR123A) and D10 (1xAA), ETA end of June - Teaser pic!

    I couldn't resist any longer, had to preorder. Coming from 4sevens it has got to be good. He knows what we like.
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    GAME OVER - FREE Brinkmann 3 Watt LED Giveaway

    Re: FREE Brinkmann 3 Watt LED Giveaway :takeit:
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    What color Fenix E01? :)

    WadeF I am certain that the EO I received was olive and not natural. You may have gotten an older stock naturally, who knows?
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    What color Fenix E01? :)

    I ordered an EO olive last week when they where on clearance. This was my first olive finish light from Fenix. I liked it so much that I ordered an EO1 olive.
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    Disassembly of River Rock 1.5W 2C

    It's not hard at all once you heat it with a hairdryer. Heat it for about 30 seconds all around the head, then use oven mitts, rags or towel to protect your hands as you unscrew it. If it doesn't unscrew, heat it a bit more. I was surprised by how easy it came apart after heating it a bit.
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    Disassembly of River Rock 1.5W 2C

    The heads are only glued on. Heat the head with a hairdryer and then grab onto the head with a rag and the body with another rag and simply unscrew. Once it breaks free it should turn fairly easy. From there it is easy to remove the led, heatsink (thin aluminum disk), and the driver with...
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    KD 1AAA SCC U-bin SX0H Buckle Flashlight

    Thanks Franky, just what I wanted to hear.
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    KD 1AAA SCC U-bin SX0H Buckle Flashlight

    Does this light have a lens of any kind? It is hard to tell from the pictures and there is no mention of one in the specs. Be it plastic or glass I think that a lens would be essential because of the gumminess or the SSC led dome. I'm thinking of placing an order but want to confirm that there...
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    P60 Cree drop-in modules Runtimes!

    Would the 1343 fit in a Cyclops 2x123 xenon. I have a SF P60 in it now, which I did have to take down a bit with a dremel. Could I do the same with the 1343 if necessary to get it to fit. If so I take it that rcr123 would be the way to go rather than a 18650. Am I correct in thinking this...
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    Need help wiring DX driver

    Koala snd Bertrik , thank you very much for your help. I'm gonna wire it up tonight.
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    Need help wiring DX driver

    I'm beginning to think that it was a mistake buying these. I can't find any information about wiring these, not even from DX.:sigh: