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    Thrunite TN42 (XHP35 HI, 4x18650) Review: BEAMSHOTS and more!

    Thanks for the review SB. Looking for a new thrower, either this or the K70. Gave my elderly father my SR95s UT after he was attacked in his own home. he wont part with it now. The K70vn looks awesome as well, missed out on one on ebay uk.
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    Looking for a Surefire UNR commander type torch

    Hi Guys Looking for a Surefire UNR Commander style torch. Use my UB3T alot, but want a smaller reflector so will go inside my jacket pocket. Missed out on an unsold used UNR one on ebay uk. No Uk dealers supply the UNR and importing one from the US with all the import charges on top is out the...
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    Post your home-made lanyard photos! (Part 2)

    Made by Essexman via Britishblades forum. Been attached to my UB3T for a couple of years. Flashlight is naked without it.
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    ThruNite Catapult V5,Neutral White XM-L2 ,2x18650 Thrower-Review,Outdoor Beamshots

    Re: ThruNite Catapult V5, NW XM-L2 ,2x18650 Thrower-Review,Outdoor Beamshots Cant seem to find a dealer in the U.K for the V5. A couple have stopped dealing with Thrunite altogether. Shame!
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    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    Re: Knife & Light pics I had to cease carrying my SF E2DL as a family friend who is a police officer noticed what i was carrying. It is an offence to carry a strike bezel and it states defender on it. In the UK you can't defend yourself with such a tool.
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    Movies you watch again and again?

    Hot Fuzz. Pegg & Frost just crease me up.
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    Surefire UB3T tailcap options

    Sorry to hijack the thread. Im thinking of getting the unr commander, anyone know if the newer tailcap will fit the UB3T. I would prefer the newer tailcap on my UB3T and the older one on the UNR.
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    Heads Up. AW P17500 Batteries cheap in U.K

    Just a heads up for people in the U.K looking for AW P17500 Just bought 6 new ones from this website for my UB3T. quite a hard battery to obtain in the U.k Reduced from £10 to £3 each. cheap delivery as well regards Mark
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    NITECORE Power – The D4 and D2 Digi chargers and NITECORE's li-ion cells

    Just got a D4 after your review on BritishBlades. Very happy. Thanks
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    Post your Surefire UB3T serial number registry

    Hi all. Had mine a couple of years . Running on AW 17500 Serial number A 00217. Also use olights SR 51, SR 95s UT, SR 90 de domed. Always go for the UB3T
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    JETBeam 10 Year Anniversary Special Edition

    Thanks for the answer, thought that was the reason. Have to get some RCR's now. Its a nice little torch to add to my very little collection. Cheers
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    JETBeam 10 Year Anniversary Special Edition

    Hi all. I just obtained one of the niteye ones. Any ideas why lumens drops after a few seconds on max with a brand new cr123 battery. Cheers....mark