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    Lens Caps

    Been searching and searching to no avail looking for lens caps Are there people who produce them in odd or standard sizes? Where am I not looking for these things that i should be looking? Are they plastic rubber etc? What do people use, or does anyone? My only thing will all these new...
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    Surefire L6 Porcupine "Pork Killer"

    That thing does look like a laser sword In your pics Nik Very unique light there, will have to go on the wish list~ Dont suppose you can get just the bezel somewhere?~
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    Cases for Lights & Batteries

    the pelicans are nice. wouldnt mind some of the really fancy metal type cases ive seen, not sure about those or a soruce though
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    Does Flashaholism run in the family?

    my family doesnt even keep candles handy... but come this xmas things are going to change..oh yes..things will ching ching change
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    Is Caribbean better than Fenix/Jil 1.3?

    My ownly quest to a perfect "pocket' edc is a lens cap...where are all the lens caps at, what do people use~ so many pocket light options to pick but where is the protection to keep them that way i dont know about all the edc users but for myself i always have a junk load of stuff in my...
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    Light suggestions for auto mechanic

    umm something you can plug into an extension cord and has a built in fan and is bright find a friend with a costcos card and buy a thor A timinglight would be better then most battery killers even rechargables unless your just trying to show off a shiny engine block Push that rambler out...
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    When was the last REAL need for a flashlight.

    tweny minutes ago I saved my whole family of five from a tomato soup bath...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD! THANKS!: Titanium Lioncub

    wuwu grats Codeman!
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    Boba Fett with a <95mW Laser (Pic)

    Hehe that is cool as heck two of mine and my sons favorite things, laser beams and boba fett And a good chance to try and explain the dangers of real lasers even though im not entirely sure about them myself... ..all i can do is use the tried and true saying "youll shoot your eye out kid.."
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    Thoughts on Lion Cub vs TW4 vs HDS? Great info here, and i think at the led museum maybe Oh and also I dont know about the others but the Lioncubs numbers arent gigantic as far as production goes so that might sway your choice. But with greta places like these...
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    Sold/Expired FS: Lux III Stars - Amber-Blue-Cyan-Green-Red-RBlu

    I would really love to beable to change these things out heh any links on "How tos"? Im guessing starting with the cheapest option is a good idea for a newbie?~ I want a colored lux III~
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    Possible Pennsylvania get together?

    Also new to forums and flashlights as a hobby not just a tool. But Id love to meet at cabelas and have people to ask questions face to face. I say doing it in winter when it gets dark earlier would be a plus too~ We could light up the night sky=)
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    Why do you like flashlights?

    Hiya all, seemed the perfect thread to start with) Im new to CPF My interest in flashlights has recently turned from practical to the beginings of a collecting hobby as well. For me flashlights have everything that sparks my interest in things. Most of the ones i like are made of metal...