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    Sold/Expired WTT NIB Olight S30RIII for your copper S2

    I have a brand new S30R III that I'd like to trade for an copper S2 that's in excellent condition.
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    CooYoo Quantum - Titanium Alloy on a budget - do not miss it!

    Very curious.
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    Shipped (Still available): ReyLight Custom-Lumintop‬ Tool Ti Titanium AAA

    Re: Group Buy: Lumintop Tool Ti AAA I tried to send a PM, but your box is full.
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    Sold/Expired WTB Quark 2-123 / QT2-L Tactical (Neutral if possible)

    Is that a pro or tactical?
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    Quark 123*2 Tactical neutral

    Olight has no tail switch. I would entertain a semi-custom, but have found non that are compact enough or have the right interface...
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    Quark 123*2 Tactical neutral

    Good Morning, I'm looking for a light that will replace my quark. Here are the most important aspects I need. 1) How would you prefer to purchase the light? __X__This will be mail-order or Online (location doesn't matter). 2) Budget: An easy question, but you may change your mind after...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Quark 2-123 / QT2-L Tactical (Neutral if possible)

    I'm looking for the above mentioned. Titanium would be a plus.
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    Best all rounder you own.

    Four sevens quark 123*2 Neutral.
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    Longest running rechargable battery/batteries for quark 123*2 ???

    I currently have a quark 123*2 and love it but have been spoiled by run times provided by 18650's which provide about two time the capacity as Rechargable 123's. I am using Tenergy Lifepo4 123's but am interested in getting whatever the current king of runtime in either a single or double cell...
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    Screw on pocket clip for Quark

    That's perfect and exactly what I was thinking. Would you guys recommend the 2.4" or 2" clip?
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    Screw on pocket clip for Quark

    I have the deep carry clip, but find a few problems with it. The bend at the top is too tight, it sticks out too far from the light, and it doesn't offer enough tension.
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    Screw on pocket clip for Quark

    Why is there no deeper carry clip that just screws to the tail cap on the quarks? My eagletac D25A has one and it works beautifully. Heck, no one offers on on a light this size. I'm thinking about adding one to my 123x2... Banggood makes one in Ti for about $7
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    Firearm designer have fun learning flashlights......want to design new line of torch.

    I want the ability to momentarily activate the light more than once without worrying about changing modes. But I also want a way to change modes, the mode changing should be foolproof and never fail. Magnetic switches IMHO, should not be used on a serious light, there's just too much going on...
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    EagleTac D25a owners: which protected 14500 will fit and allow access to all modes?

    One more for AW's. Orbtronic's will only fit if overly tightened.
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    Eagletac T25C2 module removal and availability. Dedome?

    Thanks, I've heard good things about him. I guess no one has heard of new modules?