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    Rigging flashlignts to bike/ATV/other frames?

    Quick n dirty method for smaller lights is electrical tape to protect bar and light and jubilee clips around each, with one going inside the other, at 90 degrees. I actually quite like the lock lock type rubber mounts, I cinch the velcro as tight as possible and for lightweight 18650 lights...
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    Yeah, I think the lower output version is the way forward! I'm going to strip the powdercoat/paint from the inside of the casing and build up the required height using aluminium, yet to figure out the exact details, but I think it should be ok -it's going to require a lot of filing and use of...
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    :laughing: If nothing else you win the award for the most obscure lego bricks! Lockdown has me ordering new LEDs for the BLF Q8 (4000k Luxeon V's) and I've picked up the ex-Royal Navy floodlight project again, just need to work out which new reflector and LED combo to use, followed by figuring...
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    I've not bought any Fenix in a number of years after they changed their UI's; I used to love the head tight/loose = high/Lo user interface. All of mine continue to be users: LD20 with Nichia 219b mod TK20(!) E21
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    How long do NiCd batteries last?

    +1. Their longevity is cool but low capacity and high level of self discharge sucks. Not to mention they're filled with god-awful cadmium. Give me li-ion any day!
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    Flashlight Royalty

    Not sure about the 5million, but the Streamlight H.I.D lightbox claims 1million and that's been around for a while now.
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    New member intro and first question

    This looks like a test of those cells, seem to be good. There's not really many 18650 cells with much "headroom", thankfully, the thermal throttling will drop the draw down pretty quickly. Have a look at this amazing set of 18650 tests with current ratings for an idea of performance.
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    SIDE button on/off 1000 lumen? No frou-fou!

    Emisar D1 - ramp it to the required level and it will behave as a 1-mode light.
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    Headtorch and Cycle Light Recommendations Please

    Skilhunt H03w? Should be able to find a coupon to bring it under $30US. I find Twofish lockblock mounts work well for flashlights on handlebars.
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    New member intro and first question

    Just FYI, the Emisar D4 is pretty crazy, I would say the fenix/nitecore/etc are consumer devices and the D4 is an "enthusiast device". Especially when equipped with low Vf LEDs like the Nichia (which are what I've got) current draw on the 18650 is 15-20Amps. As far as I am aware, there are no...
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    4S AA holder?

    I'm away at the moment so don't have it to hand, I think I still have it in it's disassembled state somewhere, will post a photo in a week! It was literally 4 duracell procell batteries (old style ones, like these) connected with welded tabs in series and arranged side-by-side to form a...
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    18650 Battery Storage?

    For larger quantities of 18650's, the edcgear (or whatever brand is on it nowadays) 6*18650 cylinder is very good. Had a look on google - Mecharmy B18 is the style I'm talking about. Cut a disk of that cheap white foam wrap from the packaging of any product you're recived from china and...
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    4S AA holder?

    Thanks for the replies! I had a look at battery carriers as spares, most have both poles at one or both ends, they'd require some minor modifications to work. Fivemega, your cell carriers were the first I thought of but couldn't find the page. The space for the carrier might be too small for...
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    Guidance please!

    Why not a headlamp to free up your hands? Have a look at zebralight H600w. The user interface looks complicated when you're reading it but once you've tried it a few times, it's pretty simple . You'll need a couple of 18650 rechargeable cells and a USB charger but it'll give you a good runtime...
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    4S AA holder?

    Hi all! I’ve a piece of equipment that takes an obscure 6v alkaline battery, it was supplied with a dead battery which I tore down, turns out it’s just 4xAA alkalines welded in series with a branded heatshrink over the top and a contact plate either end. Does anyone know of any sources for...