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  • Hello. DHS and P7 Flat Top Bare Aluminum "C" and "D" size --> I need 8 "D" and 4 "C". Do you have them?
    i tried to PM you and also tried to reply to our long ago purchase but it says you don't except PM's. hmmmm
    hey Setapong!

    hello, its been years since i purchased from you, $200+ worth, its good to see you're still around, but i need to make a dozen more after 5+ years lol, please provide total quote:

    6 DHS Flat Top Bare Aluminum "C" size
    6 DHS Flat Top Bare Aluminum "D" size

    shipped to Hawaii, 96789
    i will be using paypal credit card for payment

    thanks again, keith.
    Hello, I left you a message regarding payment for my order on may 25th, can you tell me what's the status? thanks.
    Do you make these heatsinks yourself or is it a factory? If I request three heastinks without lips and without holes (basically a disc of Al about the size of a maglite body) is that possible? Is it going to cost more or less than the standard heatsinks? Thanks.
    Hey H222A,

    I was hoping you could help me with a heatsink (mag D) for an osram ostar led...
    Hope to hear from you.
    Cheers Jasper

    I have good news & bad news. the good news is that I got the shipment;
    the bad news is that they are the wrong heat sinks. All three are mag D sinks not Mag C sinks I ordered.
    I still have a Mag HAIII D sinks from you & haven't used it. Really have no need for more.

    But I do need the three p7 C sinks, What do I do now?
    Please see the photo I posted in your FS thread.
    Hello, I just want to ask the "special" price for 10 pcs bare P7 D heatsink. Thanks, Nos
    Hi, can you make a custom, simple heatsink? I need a bare aluminum 20mmx8mm cylinder heatsink. I don't want to be mean, but I want/need a cheap one but with clean cut marks like yours.
    Are you still selling D P7 Heatsinks. I want a D P7 with the anodized finish on it. How much are they? Thank you.
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