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    The Lounge 2020

    where did you get that muscle suit at ? that looks pretty cool, i need one of those....:grin2:
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    how far we have come

    nice! they look bulletproof!
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    Project MCP - 114 Mcd Xenon thrower

    incredible, numbers calc to 24,000 meters !:huh: thats roughly 15 miles. wow, great job sir, would love to have that!
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    Acebeam W30vn - The LED Thrower R (DISCONTINUED SOON)

    how did it get 1 mill over spec ? thats nutts!
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    Acebeam K30GTvn

    how long till step down, and how far does she step?
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    how far we have come

    haha, a little dorcy led from sears was my 1st led light. think thats what got me hooked. glad to see you back here patriot! really used to enjoy your videos man. get busy and make us some more! this is the beast !
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    how far we have come

    ya, im waiting on an led thrower to hit where the lemax super 70 is at. almost pulled the trigger on that beast a while ago when they emailed me the 30% deal. 7000 lumens, and 4.5 mill lux will be something in an led :D
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    Best throw spot headlamp

    Thrunite TH10 V2 i just sent one back, too much throw looks like a train headlight
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    Klarus G15vn - Slim Compact USB 21700

    Re: Klarus G15vn - Most Compact USB 21700 did i read the factory specs right . turbo 4000 lumens for a whoppping 5 seconds?
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    how far we have come

    man, 85 views and no love or laughs for the insane progress we have made. rough crowd here these days........
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    Acebeam new K75 2500m throw 6300lm flashlight now presenting

    well go spend 3 or 4 grand on a big , heavy *** hid then ......ughh......:rolleyes:
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    i wonder

    if this guy ever paid wimmer back for the flashlight he stole from him ?
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    Modified TN31

    Mod Edit: Blatant trolling will not be permitted. Thank you.
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    how far we have come

    stumbled onto this browsing tonight. i remember wanting one of saablusters lights so bad back then. i remember thinking wow, what would 240 lux look like in person!:eek: this is almost laughable now huh . Is the Thrunite TN31 a MUCH better thrower than the Fenix TK41? Fenix TK41 has lux of...

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