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    What was your prep for today?

    Sorry, I may have failed to mention that the masks I have is a single box of 50. Since only one person per household is allowed to go out to get supplies, I figured this box of 50 would last me 3mos. Maybe more since I rarely go out for a supply run to the grocery. We are under lockdown in my...
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    What was your prep for today?

    Long-time-no-post here. I’m not actually a prepper of sorts, I’m just into gear and general edc stuff. But lately, before the virus severely hit us, I’ve stockpiled on canned goods. Here’s what I have so far to endure COVID-19: Food - Good for 2mos Water - Good for 3 weeks Alcohol - 3 gallons...
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    I bought an Olight S1R II Ti Winter last April 5 at a car show to commemorate a father-and-son’s day out. It was an impulse buy then but now I’m really glad I bought it since it’s out of stock everywhere I look.
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    AAA Lights; Post your favorites

    Here are a few of my aaa lights. I used to love the Tools but the mid-low-high sequence irritatated the bejesus out of me. Not to mention the clips that dont carry deep enough. My favorite, hands-down, is the Olight i3T EOS. Awesome two-mode aaa light with a powerful output. And most...
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    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    Today's EDC. Nitecore SRT 3 Defender CRKT Squid Spyderco Para Military 2 OD Green
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    What's your EDC, Go-To, or favorite knife/knives?

    That's true, it's not as slim but I needed a more capable knife. And the blade profile is more useful for my purposes. I do have other folders that are slimmer than the 940 that I can take with me as a gentleman's knife so I didnt really need the 940 as much as the PM2. That said, I see myself...
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    What's your EDC, Go-To, or favorite knife/knives?

    Many thanks, Bob! It's my first expensive knife and it truly was tough picking between the two. The BM 940-2 really is a great knife but the PM2 just sang to me... if that makes any sense [emoji23]
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    What's your EDC, Go-To, or favorite knife/knives?

    I don't own a lot of knives. I would usually edc a small knife like one of my Leeks or a Shuffle II. But I just got this today, so this'll be my edc for quite a long time. After days of deciding between this and the BM Osborne 940-2... My new Paramilitary 2 in od green g10 [emoji4]
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    Favorite 18650 powered EDC light?

    I normally find 18650 lights to be too big to edc since I have a bunch of other aaa lights that do the job quite well in an urban setting. That said, I recently purchased two new lights from Astrolux, the S41 and the S1. Between the two, I would edc the S1 with a Keepower 1200mah 18350 or an...
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    Astrolux S1 & S41 Runtime

    Hi everyone! Im just wondering about the runtimes of these two lights on moonlight mode. None of the reviews ive read or watched specify the runtime of these two lights. If there is a review that does, can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance!
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    Convoy light with Astrolux parts?

    Thanks for your reply! What is a DTP MCPB? Wow, it's more complicated than I originally thought... I didn't know thermal paste is needed... perhaps I should ask a professional electrician to do the job, there's a good chance I'm going to mess this up. I thought it was just a simple matter of...
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    Convoy light with Astrolux parts?

    Hi everyone! I recently bought a Convoy S2+ XP-L HI 7135*8. It has the 3/5 mode fw which I really hate and I really need moonlight. So foe the first time ever, I'd like to change the driver of the light. No experience whatsoever with this but if it's just minor soldering, I can probably...
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    I just received my s2+ today. Sadly, it's the 5/3 mode version. I was wondering if the switch is really easy to tap to change modes or is mine defective?
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    Convoy S2+ Question

    I see, okay. I got the U4-7A anyway since it's the only tint available for the Desert Sand color. I may order another S2+ in the 4C variant later on and just swap out the internals. I plan to order one with the Biscotti fw for the moonlight mode anyway. I find the Tool's 219b to be the perfect...
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Waiting for an Astrolux S41 XP-G3 with extension tube and an 18350 battery tube for the Convoy S2+ Desert Tan I just ordered as well. No more lights for me this year. I hope.