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    Mini-Review: TaoTronics ThorLite TT-TF03

    We have created Amazon promotion code for CPF friends. Just enter code FLF10VGD at checkout, CPF friends can get 10% discount for every TaoTronics ThorLite tactical flashlight. The Amazon link are:
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    Anyone tried this emergency LED bulb before?

    :confused: There are too many LED bulbs on Amazon. I just want to find a special one. Do you have any advice?
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    Anyone tried this emergency LED bulb before?

    I have contacted their customer service, they told me the remote can control the bulb. Also it has 3-level of brightness. That seems OK.
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    Anyone tried this emergency LED bulb before?

    I'm tring to repalce my dinning room bulb. I just saw this special LED bulb on Amazon here According to its description, this bulb can used as a flashlight also. What interested me most is this bulb can light up automatically when power cut. Anyone tried this bulb? If so, how does that work?
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    SHADOW GF1 (XM-L T6 | 1 x R/CR123 / 18350 / 18650) Review

    Can this little flashlight tail stand? How about the lanyard? It seems a little bit mini :D
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    artist starting to design special room lighting rig

    talking about RGB LED strips, i'm trying to find some special ones. For example, some not only change colors, but also reflects some other pictures such as leaves
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    Ideas for Disc Golf Course Hole Lighting

    wow, i like the idea! my boyfriend should love it also but i'm not sure whether i can do that with the little light
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    Testing testing 123

    123 456 789 OK! :crackup:
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    Hey, I finally registered! :D

    aha, i just registered hoping i can get much information of flashlight. My boyfriend like it, i want to know something about it.:crackup: