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    Super throwing aspherical LED light: any high quality OEM ones?

    The best aspherical throwers are at onestopthrowshop.
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    Comprehensive Grease and Lube Thread

    No one knows anything about copper threads?
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    Comprehensive Grease and Lube Thread

    So this is a dead thread it seems?
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    Comprehensive Grease and Lube Thread

    Bump? Will krytox cause galling with copper threads like it does with aluminum?
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    Comprehensive Grease and Lube Thread

    What's a good recommendation for copper threads? I have Krytox and mobile 1 on hand, either of those suitable?
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    9 x 5mm LED light pulling nearly 1 Amp from 2 AA cells

    It's a boost circuit. Seems to be regulating at about 700mA. Poster above is wrong; should be about 2w and 200 lumens. Also the efficiency is probably closer to 80%+. Nice find, it would be pretty decent with a LED swap.
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    NCR18650GA maximum charging rate?

    It's a high quality cell, I just charge at 5A. High charge rates shouldn't be a big concern with this cell.
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    Does PWM follow the AC voltage or is it timed within each bulb?

    Plug in one of them reverse polarity, then they'll be opposite synced.
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    NEED HELP. Creating PWM driver for 7 LEDs

    I really don't think you should build your own circuit if you are not an electrical engineer. Even if you are most would probably opt to use premade circuits. See my post above on a simple solution that will leave you satisfied with the amount of DIY work that you'll be doing.
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    NEED HELP. Creating PWM driver for 7 LEDs

    I don't see you designing a circuit that works all that well. I'd say the easiest and best way is to buy 3 Buck circuits, and use 4 batteries in series. Then pwm the three using an arduino with 4 pots in the adc to set the pwm level, or cycle through some preprogrammed levels.
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    Individual 18650 capacity while still in Laptop battery shell?

    Look for voltage specs for figuring out how many are in series. Then you can divide and get one or two good guesses for how many in parallel, as you said, for example ~2000mAh is fairly common for many older laptops. Some newer nicer laptops can potentially have ~3000+ mAh batteries; but those...
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    Test/Review of Samsung INR18650-35E 3500mAh (Pink)

    That looks like really good performance and voltage under 'reasonable' load.
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    Replacement for Nichia 219B

    Alright thanks guys, I do want the neutral color. I'd like it to look halogen light colored. Anyone have guesses on when the 219c comes out in 90 cri? It looks like a big step up.
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    Replacement for Nichia 219B

    Thanks guys. I've heard the high cri xpg2s are quite nice as well, but it sounded like they weren't nearly as nice as the old Nichia 219b. I hope that someone with experience with both can provide some opinions as well. particularly I'm worried about color consistency on the edges, which seemed...
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    Replacement for Nichia 219B

    Hello, Yesterday I stumble upon a driver I had previously bought in preparation for a desklamp, but I had forgotten to build it (that was close to 4 years ago)! Originally, I wanted to use a triple Nichia 219B 92CRI 4500k setup, because IMO it's an awesome high CRI tint. However, now that it's...