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    Sold/Expired Macs Custom Solid Copper tri LED

    Incidentally it is reassuringly heavy
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    Sold/Expired Macs Custom Solid Copper tri LED

    As I said - I just want to shift it - The first to offer the brass can have it - posted at my expense. As you point out it is rare as Mac made it especially for me (sorry about the wrong reference to McGizmo btw) Over to you guys...
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    Sold/Expired Macs Custom Solid Copper tri LED

    McGizmo custom in Copper. Made circa 2013 hardly used. Tri LED head (no idea what spec), Ti pocket clip. I ordered this item years ago and it has just lain in a drawer therefore it carries a rich patina. Not collecting flashlights any more so I will unload for £300. No battery will ship with it...
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    Old Extreme Micro CR2 in Al - Can you use any other batteries?

    Hi - I have an old Extreme Micro in anodised Al which works fine on CR2s - Does anyone know if it is capable of working on 15270s or will it fry?
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    Has Anyone Received a Lummi Order Recently? 18 Months and Waiting...

    Hi - I ordered a Ti Raw last March - Money was taken via PayPal but nothing has subsequently arrived and the gentleman in question has not replied to any of my emails for 12 months - absolute crook!!! - Never deal with him..........