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    Tactical Tomahawks

    RMJ Forge Graham Knives - The Rawk Emerson CQC-T Nemesis Knives - Pirela Blade Design: L-MAX
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    Better single edged blade for EDC, straight or serrated?

    Plain, and keep a fully serrated Spyderco Ladybug on your keychain.
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    First decent knife suggestions

    RAT Cutlery aka ESEE RC-3 or RC-4 Bark River Used Chris Reeve one piece Emerson folder
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    What should I buy? Ra clicky or E1B?

    Ra Clicky, with the raised button.
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    Happiness is...

    ...opening a new Atwood tool using an Atwood tool!
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    Happiness is...

    throwing a fresh set of batteries into your favorite light and seeing her back in action at full strength. :D Enjoy the lil things ;)
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    Tri-V Information

    F*cking genius! Well done.
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    LiteFlux LF2XT Review (1xAAA) - RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, and more!

    Great review as always, thanks! To clarify, using the CUI I can set the "user mode" to max, so that itll always come on on max (or whatever I set it at), correct? Then 1C+PH will effective be the same as 1C. But for "min" even if you change it, the next time you use it it'll always go back...
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    How is your HDS Ra Clicky set up?

    Re: EDIT: **OFFICIAL** Ra Clicky Owners Settings Thread. Post yours here! Here's another Ra Clicky Settings thread:
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    Avatar : A Movie Revolution?

    Yes you're right, it does say "***AAAND that's a wrap. I don't have the time to update this anymore. Check out for more up-to-date info.***" first thing at the top. Too bad, you would have been able to report it and get it updated!
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    Avatar : A Movie Revolution?

    Someone referred to the links as "USB ponytails" lol
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    Avatar : A Movie Revolution?

    p.s. Here's an "IMAX or LIEMAX?" Google map -
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    Avatar : A Movie Revolution?

    Have seen it twice in IMAX 3-D, need to go another time at least. Maybe twice, once in digital. I saw it on a "real" large IMAX screen, but the movie itself does NOT take up the full IMAX screen. There is a border on the sides and top. I believe its shown in the same size on both real IMAX...
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    Avatar : A Movie Revolution?

    I can already say I'm going to see it a minimum twice on IMAX.
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    I broke down and got a Blu-Ray

    Megan eyecandy, battling robot eyecandy, some cool weapons and great sound. 1st one is definitely worth a rental in HD, 2nd one should never be spoken of again for all time. Well shoot now I gotta go watch the Ratatouille features!