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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    A Matt Smith Lumencraft FL-1 flashlight. Can't wait to try it. Matt had some bad breaks getting this line started, hope this helps him out and I hope he does well with the startup.
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    Single 18650 Light.
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    Pelican Sabrelight Submersible - Thrift Store Find

    You are going to like that light. I had an old Pro 4-c from that era and it was a great light.
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    Best CR123 in 2022?

    You are right. Vidalias. They're wonderful.
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    Best CR123 in 2022?

    But if you live there and buy one, it comes with a free peach.
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    You are absolutely correct. I have seen it first hand many times.
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    My edc light has a max output of only 300 lumens

    You would be just fine with 301. What a shame.
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    Does the Krylon work pretty good?
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    Is that a different reflector in the 6D?
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    Binoculars-stargazing-light polluted skies

    The Vortex should be a good one. My favorite size for all around.
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    Binoculars-stargazing-light polluted skies

    That Swarovski must be amazing.
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    Cycling through Nitecore New P30 brightness levels

    Ok, mine doesn't do that. Try doing the battery status check to see if the light thinks the battery is low.
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    Robust, High Power (3,000+ lumen) Flashlight, Balanced Flood & Throw, Neutral White

    Take a look at the Streamlight Pro tac hl-5x. I don't know about the tint or CRI. Light comes out the front, and lots of it.
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    right angled flashlights?

    I never saw that Coast before. Looks really handy.
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    Fenix TK20R V2.0 has come out.

    That torch has a lot going for it. I like the charge port strategy. I happen to like mode memory also. Your phone camera has really good auto-focus.