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    What is the best flashlight in the fog?

    Any update on this thread? Been looking to build a light with XPL Hi warm led(having a hard time finding one though) to be used during Mt hiking/climbing. Thanks
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    Your battery stash- how many cells do you keep on hand?

    Last time i posted in cpf has been more than 2 years ago. I got a lot of batteries i probably cant count, its scattered around our family house inside flashlights and gadgets etc. Around i live now is most of my batteries and probably more than a hundred mostly Eneloop AAs and AAs and a few...
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    18650 Batteries

    Basically they are all using the same cell and only the protection circuit is different, the best quality is for sure aw and they also have the shortest cells with ptc. But most of the name brand cells are great. Have some AW and also Been using the international outdoor cells and some generic...
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    Spark SG3, SG5 (16340/cr123, 14500/aa)

    My Sg5 neutral with reflector is my current go to headlamp, using the zebralight h51 headband and fits great and tight. My H51 finally can retire to my BOB.
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    Ever turned someone into a flashaholic and they love it ?

    Same thing happened to my dad, he now always have in his belt an 1xAA light. Got hima new light and several of my eneloops. Uses his light more than i could. What makes this more satisfaying is how he really appreciates me being a flashaholic, just hope he wont find out how much i paid for each...
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    Sub 30/50$ light for walking in rural areas/forests. Extra high mode a plus.

    I have a lot of lights and for your needs i would definitely suggest a solarforce p60 lights, great quality for cheap price. you could also order spare parts like switch, lens, or even accesories like steel bezel and clip.
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    What is the brightest single li-ion production light?

    might settlenwith the Sl3, just wishing they release a xml2 version, might wait a little more:)
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    Would You Lend Anyone Your Flashlight ?.

    yes but not my favorite and expensive lights, i just got back 5 lights a friend of mine borrowed, it includes some moddified lights, xeno eo3,, yup some of the lights have scratches now but was expecting it. At least they got used instead of sitting on the shelves. lol
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    *new* Fenix HL10

    this will definitely be on mylist.:)
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    What is the brightest single li-ion production light?

    I'm only been using single cell lights for li-ion and would like to know what is the brightest production light on this category which is not too expensive, is there anything brighter than the shadow SL3? Thanks guys
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    Simple two mode AA light

    Fenix E21. Have one on the way for the very same reason, simple UI.
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    ThruNite T10 *AA* (Twistie)w/FireFly .09lum>Low 9lum>Hi 115lum//and Memory

    I also have the T10 and really love the light. Mode spacing is what makes this light better than most, Just my opinion.:grin2:
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    Simple1 AA light

    I Would recommend the Thrunite T10 High 115, Low 9, and Moon mode. This is my most favorite AA twisty together with my DQG AA. You could never go wrong with those two if you want a very small AA twisty light.
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    The 2013 Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List

    Re: The 2013 Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List -- Cast Your Vote! DQG AA Stainless, Smallest AA light with great high and low modes. My Best Keychain light since joining this forum. :-) Thrunite T10 - Small AA light with great mode spacing, love the fact it have a bright High, Usefull low with...
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    Need powerful light on a budget.

    +1, the Fenix E25 seems to be a great option as it uses AA batteries, 180 lumens is more than He'll ever need at camp. Brighter than that is just overKill.:wave: