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    Sold/Expired Surefire E1L 3/80 - SOLD

    How much was it sold for?
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    Lumintop Tool AAA (XP-G R5, 1xAAA) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO and more!

    Do any of you know where to get the tool in the US? Preferably the original one with only 2 modes
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    Sold/Expired Mako Mk. II Run

    Another great run for the mako for sure. I wish my pockets were little more full this time :broke:
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    Lithium battery prices??

    That's a good deal already. Where I'm from it goes from $2.60 - $3 a piece
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    Use your Samsung Note 3 as "LightMeter" and "CCT Meter"

    My Galaxy Grand has this function as well. Very cool info. thanks! :D
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    Christmas Gifts XI! (enter here)

    By his last post, I think he did not receive his. Not to be a buzzkill but I would just like to say that I too did not receive my gift last time. I was in the middle of the order so I got to pick 2. I still got my first choice though so that was still very good. What I receive can be treated as...
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    Fire-on-a-stick Review - A Layman's Perspective

    With 1 candle, I think there came the measurement of 1 candela. So a 100candela flashlight would mean it has the same somethijg of 100 candles. Correct me if im wrong though
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    Click/Twist - Click/Click...Let the debate begin

    I think you're right that the word "tactical" has always been just added as a cool-ness factor and even a price bump for most lights. What I understand though for the use of the momentary on and a twisty in a tactical light is that is for use by LO/military in such a way that when in use, the...
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    Looking for a AAA Clickie

    Another +1 here3 for the lumintop tool
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    Sunwayman D20A

    Imagine if zebralight made that light(in parallel). Twice the runtime of their current products which is already amazing.
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    Sunwayman D20A

    Have you seen the NEW D20A? Seems promising. The "2xAA parallel" is a bit misleading though. I thought they were saying that the batteries were connected in parallel thus having a long runtime but the light is in series and only the direction of the battery are parallel...
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    With exception to rhe pd32UE(because I think it ws not really atated as a neutral), all lights that come out are always cool white. But just because they are cook white doesnt mean that 2 same light will look the design. The tint lottery also plays a prt here. Some will be tinted a little bit...
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    New fenix e11 vs old

    Its an "E" model thats why there is no clip I think. The only gripe I have about it is the plastic lens. It has already many scratch marks though I onky received the light 2 days ago
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    MBI #4 - Get Ready to meet Zeus™

    This is very nice guy! I'm guessing its gonna be the best 1AA light ever. :D Finally, a 1AA light that operates like an E1B. This looks good on SS or Ti. Ofcourse on aluminim as well :) Hope to join your independent GAWs