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  • ---Been a while. Still doing the lights?
    ---How was Burning Man this year?
    ---I'm putting together a 4000 watt HMI 72 inch Diameter searchlight. I have everything except the ignitor. I'm temporarily using my Tesla coil to ignite the bulb. So far so good...but kind of a pain since the Tesla coil is homemade and bulky. Know any solutions? Anything will be helpful. Been online, but getting nowhere. I have to buy like a hundred ignitors for the 4000 watt HMI.
    ---Thank you Jared
    Hey how about getting up and ready for the August/September meet.

    Who needs to be contacted? The Barn? Who knows them? I can contact the vendors. Just need to confirm a place and a date.

    So you game?
    I am leaving for my sisters wedding in a few days...road trip with the Gorilla. I don't have much internet access during the next few weeks, starting next few days. I'll try and access CPF, etc., along the way when I can...motels, Lodge on Mt. Charleston, (Las Vegas),...etc.
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