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    recommend me a 2x AA thrower please!

    I'll second that recommendation. I have a 2xAA Quark Turbo as well and it's a great light. The standard quarks (with the smaller head) are pretty floody. The Turbo has a much tighter beam that throws a long way. FourSevens also has a 2xAA Quark Tactical with an XM-L2 stock now. While its total...
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    Review; Sunwayman D40A - A great light

    Got mine yesterday. Doingoutdoor has them on sale now, both CW and NW (I got a CW). Nice light. I was hoping for a bit more of a thrower. It's a pretty floody beam, but it still throws well due to its high output. Love the moon mode! Made eminently more practical since you can always turn the...
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    Review; Sunwayman D40A - A great light

    Okay, Bumble, I've been looking at dealers in the marketplace but still no joy. Any hints on who I should check with? Thanks, Tim
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    Review; Sunwayman D40A - A great light

    Cheapest I can find the D40A for now is $62 shipped. Anyone know of a better deal?
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    Sunwayman D40A - Another 4AA compact thrower

    Re: New Sunwayman D40A - Another 4AA compact thrower Seems I missed out on the good deals for the D40A. Anyone know where the best deal is now. Any special codes, etc. ?? Thanks, Tim
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    3*XML-U2 diving flashlight mod - Intel 775 heatsink??

    Just to clarify, heat sinks do not absorb heat, they transfer it from the source to something else (usually air, but it could be water or some other coolant). And it's not "impossible" to transfer the heat to water. It would be difficult to do while maintaining the integrity of the waterproof...
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    3*XML-U2 diving flashlight mod - Intel 775 heatsink??

    CPU heat-sinks work by transferring the heat energy to air. In a sealed plastic body there will be no place for the heat to go. The air sealed in the light body will get hot, effectively negating the function of the heat sink. With a plastic bodied light you are pretty much SOL. Halogen bulbs...
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    What are your favorite LED "gifting" flashlights to non-flashoholics?

    This has been my experience as well. Very few non-flashaholics "get it" when it comes to good flashlights. Most consider Mag-laugh to be the "premium" brand [Ugh]. In the past, before LED lights were common, I used to LED mod mags and give them as gifts. Those were generally well received and...
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    Recommend me an 8 way charger for AA Eneloops??

    I second that. I have the MH-C801D charger as well, and it's my "go to" charger. I also have the MH-C9000, but I only use that for testing/analyzing (or if I need to charge more than 8 batteries). There are 2 buttons, soft & refresh. The default charge rate is 1C (2000mAh/1 hour). If you push...
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    Are aging Laptop batteries dangerous?

    I've got a Netbook that's about 1.5 years old, and the battery will only charge up to 66% now. The loss of capacity happened very suddenly. One day I had 100%, the next day I only had 80%, and a few days later only 66%. That leads me to believe it's not normal aging, but instead a bad cell (or...
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    Are your old Eneloops still going strong? - a survey.

    No, but their discharge rate is so slow that topping off frequently makes no sense. You gain what, an extra 100mA? Unless you have reserve Eneloops that are never being used -- in which case I'd suggest you rotate your cells -- or at most, top off once a year (anything more frequent than that is...
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    Are your old Eneloops still going strong? - a survey.

    I hang on to cells that still have usable capacity. Those 2 will probably go into things that don't need much current (clock, mouse, keyboard, etc.). Why bother "topping off" LSD cells? The "whole purpose of buying Eneloops" is that they don't need to be topped off.
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    Are your old Eneloops still going strong? - a survey.

    Okay, final verdict. Several attempts to resurrect those weak cells failed. Ran refresh cycles on both the Maha C9000 and LaCrosse BC900, and also tried a break in cycle on the C9000. Final test pass on the BC900 showed their capacity at 1702 & 1572. So it appears that 2 out of 8 of my 5.5+ year...
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    Charging Eneloop batteries

    Re: BC-700 and Eneloop Questions The LaCrosse cells are crap. Eneloops are far superior. I have 5+ year old Eneloops that are still going strong. The LaCrosse cells were all recycled in less than a year (significant capacity loss, rapid self discharge). I usually charge at 0.5C and discharge at...
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    The "one battery type" theory

    This was my feeling, and action as well. I've switched pretty much exclusively to AA (and a few AAA) powered devices, or devices that can easily be adapted to AA power. It has simplified my life, as far as batteries, chargers and battery powered devices go, without any real compromises. C-cell...