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    1800 mAh AAA nmh Batteries. Are these any good

    I have recently come accross1800 mAh AAA nmh Batteries on ebay. Has anybody used these ? Are they any good ? I am wanting to use them in a aaa powered head light.:)
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    Black Diamond Storm headlamp. A waterproof black Diamond?

    Just read the instructionns available on the specs section of web site it is explains it quite well to.
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    Headlamp: Its usefulness is growing on me!

    Have used Head Lights for the last 8 years or so, been an electrician for about 23 years, cant believe i used to work one handed. Have prgressed fom 3 led energiser to petzel tikka xp to silva 3 watt back to the petzel now to a Led Lenser H7R. I Fully understand the obsession / nerd factor...
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    Competing product to Led Lenser H7R?

    Hi there, In answer to your question I am not sure there is too much out there.Having just recently purchased the H7R It is super bright for the first hour or so but then rolls off a fair bit, having said that i am not sure if i am charging it for long enough. I rang the importers today and...
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    Black Diamond Storm headlamp. A waterproof black Diamond?

    Hi, thank you for your detailed impression on the B D Storm. According to Bds web site( it is worth a look) it is regulated, for about i think for about the first 75% of Battery life to 100 lumins. I seriously considered the storm but was seduced by the 170 lumin Led Lenser H7R
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    Where do you go to play with your flashlights---

    Hi there, a newbie to CPF here, I have recentlly progressed from a Petzel tikka xp to a Led Lenser H7R and i use my light in roof cavities under floors and whilste servicing equipment. I am finding it about 3 to 4 times brighter. I only hope it is as reliable as the Petzel - this little unit has...