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    Lathe Kills

    I think the only way to lessen the chance of an accident is to abide by all the safety regulations, get comprehensive training And make sure tragedies such as this serve as a reminder as to the importance of safety first. Measure, measure, measure for dimension as much as risk before proceeding...
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    Sold/Expired ******** H22A Heatsinks ********

    Ok, after about 15 years of ownining a mag charger I have purchased my first other maglites, 3x 2D mags to mod which are totaly different to the charger (other than the Orings.) to get to the point, I want 2 ali heatsink for xml on a 12mm board and 1 for a sst-90 with no board, so which should I...
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    How to remove Magcharger switch??

    Wow that was easy:thumbsup:. I used a my favourite non marring tool (a couple of bits of bike inner tube)And then found it was the only tool needed to strip this baby completely:eek:. Thank you for the lesson ABTOMAT. I have had a mag charger for well over 12 years but now it is going to get a...
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    32650 Li-ions

    Colonel I stand corrected as they are 5500mah with pcm button top & should run 15A constant. Google Foshan Shida Battery Company Ltd. For those who want to see frontline batteries try google ABS batteries.
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    32650 Li-ions

    I took the chance with an Alibaba distributer & just got 5*32650ish protected cells from a manufacturer in China as a sample. These are actually 68.5mm long but this I knew before the purchase as all the specs were made available to me prior to payment. They were very accommodating as to...
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    LEGION II: A 3*18650 SSC P7 light with advanced UI [COMING]

    I love the concept of this light.:naughty: i've been toying with an idea of 2 x D size LI-ION's side by side driving p7's.
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    Li-ion battery analyzer

    iv'e been using this one.:thumbsdow But it's killing my batteries:poof: well not so mucha :poof: more is the case that they seem to charge fine but then have so much resistance that they only light the led at such a low level that you can happily look at the light while on and a foot in front...
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    MX Power 3-Cree 3-Mode LED Flashlight *beamshots on page 3*

    thanks for beamshots for comparison.:thumbsup: This light looks cool.:cool: I'd like to try 3 p7's in something like this.:eek: But i'd realy love to try 3p7's setup in a finned 3d mag with a tri-ali reflector & 2D cell LI-ION's. Does anyone have any thoughts on either?
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    Why no crazy fanfare for SSCP7 based lights?

    Thanks Art i got a reply.:wave:
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    Why no crazy fanfare for SSCP7 based lights?

    Thanks Jesus.:thumbsup: your reply was well worth the wait. I'll be in touch.
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    A few Custom Mags

    Loved your work. :poke: How much for a 1D with groved head in silver
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    Got the new D-cell Lithium Ion

    I think AW is now selling D LI-Ions. Try them you'll find them on the forum. However i'm almost sure you'll get your stuff from slow old Kai eventually. I think they nead to get into the i'm in for type aproach to pre-ordering bulk for resale.
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    Why no crazy fanfare for SSCP7 based lights?

    Iv'e seen the work of Jesus very nice it is to.:cool: Iv'e done the pm thing aswell.:naughty: So all that remains is to thank you:twothumbs & wait for a reply.:popcorn: 24 hours & counting. I guess he's got lots to do .
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    Why no crazy fanfare for SSCP7 based lights?

    :eek:I took a ssc p7 to Lands End Cornwall England, thats in the bottom left corner of the country the weather was perfect foggy,rainy & pitch dark. so i went for a walk across fields & warrens.:thumbsup: Very impessive & in such a small torch compairable to the size of a mini mag but running on...
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    Sulfuric Acid source for Anodizing Aluminum?

    lye is basically caustic soda, drain cleaner, also used for making soap & candles etc. But of all it's uses i think as drain cleaner will be the cheapest source. to get it i would suggest to traul though the hardware shops theres plenty of caustic soda out there & cheap.:broke: