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    For Sale Many Miscellaneous Lights and Light Bundles

    I’ll take the FWAA. Please pm me PayPal information. PayPal sent
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    Can I say Goodbye to my flashlight?

    Did you try eliminating the switch as the bad component? There is a thread on troubleshooting which can help you in your diagnosis.
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    Rotary Cr123/AA flashlight?

    Are you familiar with the Peak Logan QTC 17500? It’ll work with anything that can fit in the battery tube, albeit with a spacer.
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    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 4)

    Expedition unknown. I’ve seen him use it frequently.
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    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 4)

    Does anyone know what Josh Gates’headlamp is for this new season? I can’t identify it.
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    Most 18650 Headlamps Just do not Last Long Enough

    If you’re doing bench work, why does it matter if you need to switch out the battery every once in a while?
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    is this watch what i want?

    The cheapest watch that I know of that will survive a serious dunking is a Casio quartz diver. I have one as a beater beach and River watch.
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    is this watch what i want?

    I think it’s available with the nh35 movement too. Model 31290. Hard to find and probably a bit over $100.
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    is this watch what i want?

    The 1953 is a much cleaner design and looks even more like the classic submariner. You should be able to find a discussion or two about it on watchuseek forums
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    What watch you're wearing?

    I’ve got that one too, on a nato strap. The crown snagged on something and pulled all of the way out; I lost it. Still wear it for work daily. I have to remove the movement to adjust the time. Luckily it keeps great time so that’s only twice yearly.
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    Headlamp for close work (AA? COB?)

    I have a streamlight bandit as a backup headlamp. Great for general close work, not high CRI, short runtime
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    Headlamp for close work (AA? COB?)

    I don’t recall seeing any high CRI cob lights. For your application, I have used a zebra light also. I think without getting into 18650 lights, you probably won’t do much better than what you have.
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    Favorite Incan and led light

    My favorite Incan is a 2c Maglite ROP low with fm vlop reflector, a borosilicate lens and a SS extended tailcap that allows me to run two 21700 batteries. Favorite LED is much harder to decide; I have a 4 sevens ti quark modded to a Nichia 219b that is excellent, but my Nichia haiku is great...
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    What is the most reliable AAA keychain light?

    I’ve had lights”just quit” on me before only to find that from lack of use, they developed some corrosion under the tail spring. A small piece of sandpaper and a pencil enabled me to clean them off pretty well, restoring function.