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    How visible is a <5mw green laser in daylight?

    How visible is a <5 mw green laser in daylight? I was talking with a tree surgeon the other day, and decided that it would have been a lot easier if I could have pointed out which branches we were talking about. In addition, I would like to be able to point out holes in targets at a pistol...
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    Brunton Macroscope?

    Specwell has been making close focus monoculars for several years. I have been very happy with my 8x20, which focuses down to 30cm. It comes with a screw-in adapter that converts it into a 35x microscope, which I don't use very much. They are a little hard to find, since Specwell seems to...
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    Sold/Expired CLOSED: The VIP "Twisty" Offer

    Re: The VIP \"Twisty\" Offer PayPal sent for 1 twisty. Thanks for making this available. It should make it a lot easier to get through airport security. (The kings crown prongs could be an issue.)
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    The VIP Thread

    Re: VIP Super Build Sunday I am pretty sure I indicated my desire for a BH in the other thread, but having seen the prototype, now I Really Need One.
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    VIP TWISTY Poll #3

    I need one. Thanks!
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    VIP Twistie?

    I'm in. I want whatever will give me the smallest size.
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    The VIP Thread

    Re: VIP - Fraternal Alien Twins Charlie: Would you consider putting both of the development masters up for auction? If you don't want to let go of both of them you could let the high bidder have his/her choice. They sure are purrdy. (where is the smiley for "lust"?)
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    The VIP Big Bulkhead (BBH) - Interest?

    Put me down for one of the pocket-sized NSBH = Not So Bulky Head. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Waffling over a dog - give me a shove!

    Saaby: If allergies are a problem and you still want a dog, look into standard poodles. Since they have hair that does not shed and has to be cut, they are OK for a lot of people who can't be around other breeds. Standards also seem to have good personalities; not neurotic like the miniatures.
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    Does anyone wear a camera vest?

    Domke makes a jacket with zip-off sleves, so it converts into a vest. I find it more comfortable than their vest, especially with a heavy load, but the vest is better in hot weather, since it has a mesh back. The jacket also looks less like a gun cover, but I am not sure why.
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    Photon in Wenger Knife Lock?

    No, it is on only while pushed.
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    Stretching Leather Holsters

    I have heard good things about Leather Lightning from Mitch Rosen.
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    I need help picking a GPS

    When they first came out, the iQue 3600 was supposed to suck batteries dry faster than a Surefire Beast. (OK for in-car use with a charger cord, but not so good for walking around.) Is that still the case?
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    The VIP Thread

    Re: Presenting: The VIP...deleted! A couple of random thoughts: 1. In the future, would you please include a size reference in the photos? Either a ruler or some known object. 2. Instead of the round knob, would an oval provide enough tactile/visual feedback? (Assuming that someone can...
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    WiFi jamming?

    There should not be any problems with multiple access points in a common area, as long as they are on well spaced frequencies. Adjacent channels have overlapping frequencies, so I think you want to see if you can use 1, 6, or 11. NetStumbler may help you find out what frequencies are in use...