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    Flashlight 'Unknown' Code of Conduct.

    Its common sense that never shine directly at somebody UNLESS necessary
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    Am I Calculating Battery Life and Lumens Correctly?

    You had the driver efficiency, temperature coefficient, battery efficiency/capacity vs current drawn neglected. The true value of either runtime or output will be lowered Search any of the flashlight review and take a look at the output-over-time graph and you will have a hint.
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    Looking for a thrower to keep in my car

    Olight M3X Simple two-moded(Tight/loose head) UI 90k+ throw with 2*18650(Can work with 3 Cr123A, for long-term preparation and mobility)
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    Custom parts for 4sevens and sunwayman

    SWM shares similar tailcap dimension with surefire, since both of them fits V70
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    Any 16340-sized nimh?

    Dear guys, i wanna find a pair of those battery so that i could purchase an e1l and then swap it to body of e2l is such option available? Thanks
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    Shore Power Shot Show 2013 - New Nitecore"s and updated Olight

    Re: Shot Show 2013/ IWA Germany 2013 -New Nitecore and Olight SRT... Old concept from A2 and A2L Nothing impressive but just recycling the idea Those looks like 3mm led, wondering what it does
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    Sunwayman T60CS Review (3 x XM-L U2 | 3 x 18650 / 6 x 16340)

    Wont the tail get shorted? :sssh:
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    LX2 or 6PX PRO......

    You need a gun but not the strike bezel The const high on LX2 needs quite a pressure to sustain and it makes my fore arm tired, like gripping your fist for a long time E2DL is more "tactical" than LX2 IMO, i own both, tho they have just raised the price from 189 to 235
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    Object/Subject Review: Armytek Barracuda

    Re: Object/Subject Review: Armytek Barracuda [In Progress] Wow thats are greasey threads:sick2:
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    LX2 or 6PX PRO......

    Surefire says this is "normal":shrug:
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    Outdoorsman's Kit

    Um how about Sunwayman T20CS 82hr on 18lm It outruns your EC25 in almost every way (Except beam profile and output, EC25 is floodier,Bezel of T20CS can be removed for mule-mode; one 18650 could not sustain 860lm of EC25 for long time i guess)
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    Please recommend a light to shine through water in a lake?

    Please be reminded that water is semi-transparent to light, meaning only a small portion of light is getting reflected to your eyes Explicitly, you will need more throw/lux to light up the surface of water compared with a wall or anything solid Like what we flashaholics love to do, shining a...