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    Flashlight Explosion

    I get the flu more than once a month. There are three strains you can get every year, and I normally end up with them all at different times. I tried the flu shot three or four times, and every time it made me even sicker than when I get the flu, so I pass on them now. I've been really busy with...
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    Who Handles ICON's Warranty Now?

    I'm pretty sure ICON flashlights are no more, but I keep seeing them sold. In fact, I was informed that a store had the Rogue 1 for under $10 shipped, so I ordered two. One is (green) DOA, the other (titanium color) is fine. I: -tried different new batteries (alkaline, lithium, NiMH). -cleaned...
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    Streamlight ProTac 2AAA Flashlight - REVIEW

    The tailcaps from the ProTac AAA, MicroStream, and Stylus Pro are all interchangeable. Since the electronics are in the head, not the tailcap, you keep your modes intact. Also, if the low clip position bothers you, you can just yank it off and place it to where it is in the Stylus Pro.
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    Flashlight Explosion

    Hi. How have I been doing? Not so good. I log in to reply to PMs and that's about it, as I just don't have the money for flashlights and I'd rather not be tempted. Same with knives, guns, multi-tools, EDC trinkets, etc. It sucks, but my money has to go to medications (the pain killers and...
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    funny story

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    Streamlight MicroStream better alternative?

    Yes, the E05 is a twisty. As for finding a 1AAA clicky with a clip, in the $20 price range, that still rivals the quality of the MicroStream, that's tough. Try the HypeTac P1A from ShiningBeam: three modes (High is 90 lumens, Medium is 28 lumens, Low is 3 lumens, comes on in M-H-L), clicky, one...
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    Defiant flashlights from Home Depot

    My local Home Depot just got the two-pack of 2AA "Tactical 120 lumen LED" in. The mother-in-law had me buy three of them to break up for Father's Day gifts, so I got to play with them a little bit. There were some problems though... -All of the lights had a very loose pocket clip. The clip is...
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    Awesome Homedepot light

    I have one, the "Defiant Super Thrower". Nice light for the money, like most of the Defiants.
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    New Defiant ArmorMax Lights at Home Depot!

    I really​ want one of those two-packs. Not in my Home Depot yet...
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    What Light In Your First Aid Kit?

    If your First Aid Kit can accommodate the size, I highly recommend a headlamp. When both hands are being used, it's very handy. Speaking of First Aid, remember to keep gloves and remember the old EMT phrase: No glove, no love.
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    What Light In Your First Aid Kit?

    For my small (able to fit in a BDU pocket) kit, there's either a Gerber Tempo or Rayovac penlight. They each use one AAA battery and are single-mode. The Gerber is a tailcap twisty at 8 floody lumens. The Rayovac is about the length of a pen, reverse clicky, and 3 tight lumens. The Gerbers cost...
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    What Light In Your First Aid Kit?

    You carry a basic First Aid Kit, right? What light is in it? Why did you choose that light?
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    What Light Companies Will Be Gone In 10 Years?

    <p> Why? I didn't violate any rules, said nothing offensive, and I'm just asking for opinions.</p>
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    What Light Companies Will Be Gone In 10 Years?

    Pretty simple. In your opinion, what light company / companies won't be around any more ten years from now? And why?
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    What Light In Your MT Sheath?

    I've noticed that quite a few multi-tool holsters come with a little slot that's about the size of a AA battery. Perfect size for a single AAA-battery flashlight. Sheaths like the Wave have two of these. So, what do you carry in yours?