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    Penlight Recommendation

    What do you guys think of the tank007 e06? I bought one, like it, of course I like most all lights, but don't think it puts out 170 lumens
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    Does fasttech offer a discount to cpf members

    do any of the sellers offer discounts and if so what is the discount code or word. Or... How do I get the savings?
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    Is the Olight S10 too small or just right

    Considering buying it. Like the looks, price, power etc but was wondering if it could be too small to use even though great to carry. Apparently the S15is not made any more and it is lower power yet a little larger.
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    How long do lion batteries last

    So after a couple of years I might expect to replace my 18650 bats. Do they stop holding a charge when too old.
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    How long do lion batteries last

    I read that they go bad in a year or two? How long do they last? Thanks
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    The best 1 cell cr 123 light

    Where is the clip for the trunite t20???.
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    I like to check out the baseboards for bugs and use them to find dropped pills on the floor.
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    Fenix PD35 ,850 Lm,powerful,compact 18650 flashlight-REVIEW

    Look at eagletac. They step down very little. That's why I bought the g25c2 1180 lumens....
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    Where to order 14500's from these days

    what brands would be best in a protected battery also? My last order was never delivered.
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    Does the reflector size change the lumens output

    Assuming two identical lights but one with a 2in reflector and one with a 1 in diameter reflector. Do they both put out the same lumens?
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    I need several lights

    As to your last light for the pasture, I like my eagletac g25c2 in that it is imho a good thrower and good spill. This assumes you don't mind getting up to speed on the safety issues of using rechargeable lithium batteries. My light is rated for 300 yards but that seems a little optimistic to...
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    Are primary cr123's dangerous

    Are the rcr123's a safer battery. The problem is that I read the post from the fellow who gassed himself and has permanent damage. I understand there is some risk with all batteries and that lions need special care. Thanks for any help
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    Old CPF-er Needs New Tactical EDC

    Look at the eagle tach g25c2. 1180 led lumens, a tactical mode you might like and very little step down.
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    A simple 2xAA, two-mode light for Dad (no twisty--one handed, dog walking)

    Costco Duracell 250 lumens 3mode 3 x aaa. All the dads I have given this light to love it. Always starts on low so dad is not confused. Non memory with only three modes is a friendly ui, IMHO. And for 20 bucks you can give one to mom too and keep one for yourself

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