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    which convoy c8

    Maybe just put some dc fix on the s2+. This will give you a nice smooth beam. C8 is mainly meant to be a thrower with a narrow beam.
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    BLF/TLF FW3A - now available

    Thank you for posting this tip about the oring. I did this to mine and it has made a drastic improvement in feel and resistance. I like the light much more now!
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    Charger Suggestions for 18650 Batteries

    Anyone looking for a new charger should check out HKJ's charger comparator. :rock: EDIT: Oops, I didn't realize the same link had already been posted above. :duh2:
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    Charger Suggestions for 18650 Batteries

    I picked up a Miboxer "C4 plus" a few months ago. It's performed very well so far with both Li-ion and NiMH cells. It will automatically set the charge current depending on internal resistance, but this can be overridden manually.
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    Wet McClicky Switch

    Check the switch boot too when you disassemble. I recently noticed that a few of mine have cracked after years of use.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    I recently received an Eagtac D25A with the XP-L HI neutral emitter (big thanks to Tod at illumination gear). This was to replace my original D25A that finally died after many years of solid service running on a 14500.
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    This is terrible. R.I.P. Marshall.
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    Cheers Randy of Pflex Pro!

    Great guy to deal with and I love my 6P with the Pflex pro drop in.
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    Convoy L6 Tactical Ring

    :welcome: Another thing about this ring is that it will prevent the tailcap from tightening down (light won't work) all the way if the ring itself is not snugged down.
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    Inspection Flashlight

    Maybe a Solarforce P60 host with a mule drop in? EDIT: I would go with the Zebra as Connor recommended if you can deal with the side e switch.
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    Surefire 6PX Defender looking kind of dim

    :welcome: Sounds like you need some new cells!
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    rip chuck berry

    R.I.P. Chuck. What an unbelievable talent.
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    Review: Convoy L6 (XHP-70, 2x26650)

    I would say that pic accurately represents the output of the L6 if you are in pitch black woods. It really is astounding. :thumbsup:
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    PFlexpro lights and drop ins

    I have one of his XP-L P60 drop ins in a 6P and I've been very happy with it. Using the provided copper strip and Randy's installation technique I was able to get a very snug perfect fit in the host.