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    Spy 007 Pics

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    Spy 007 Pics

    Can anyone please tell me what size tritium vials the 007 Sapphire inserts take?
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    SPY 007 Sapphire Signup Sales thread is now <<OPEN>>

    Hi Dave, email sent for a 2nd SPY007:)
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Tain Galore

    Thanks Julien! Sent payment for the Azco! Been on here too long had to get it. Thanks for the deal and looking forward to it!
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    SPY 005 Sales thread is now <<OPEN>>

    Hi Dave! Do these have the low voltage cut off feature like the 007 Sapphire?
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    [email protected]'s Tritium thread

    Hi Bart! Mr. Jeff Sapp directed me to you. I am getting one of his optics and been on the hunt for three 1.5mm X 5mm I would love 3 in red but if it came down to it I'd take any color I could get. Thanks!
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    Sold/Expired World Smallest Titanium Light using a High Power Nichia 219B (Updated run-tim...

    Re: World Smallest Titanium Light using a High Power Nichia 219B (Updated run-time sp PHOTO CONTEST
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    Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    Just a little update. So I'm running the rechargeable reds now and set it to run at 3300ma on high. Used it all weekend and no cut offs. Next step is is to enable the egg reminder timer and set the low under 5ma and it will be totally configured to exactly what I want! Takes some time to figure...
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    Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    Thanks appreciate the advise! I'm still in the experimenting phase right now seeing what will work best I'll keep it in mind.
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    Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    So I did find a section about this in the manual. It is a power voltage monitor when using slots 3 or 4. When the battery reaches 3.25v it will shut the light off. I can be reset by turning the light to the off position and back on again which is exactly what I been doing. So looks like all...
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    Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    Wow it did! Thanks so much, I will further look into this. Right now I have a basic factory settings. So I did Pu-3. Took the batteries out clicked 3 times and put the batteries and case back, back on. It seemed to run through its programming cycle and reset everything unless there is...
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    My total collection (updated)

    Thanks a lot guys! For any SPY owners I opened a thread with a question about power cut off on the Cool Fall forum if anyone has any input or experience with this please check it out.
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    Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    So I got my SPY007 Sapphire and love it! I been trying to read through the manual and threads on what I'm experiencing and I cannot find anything so thought I would ask here. I have the XML2 5000K running the red AW550ma on the light. Had it for 3 nights already and enjoyed it every night...
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    Spy 007 Sapphire new owners

    Love mine! What else is there to say that hasn't been said about this amazing piece so I'll let the picture do the talking!
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    My total collection (updated)

    Well, after time we all evolve into what we like and want in our collection. My collection has shrunk over time, way before I joined the wonderful CPF but I slowly started getting into quality over quantity. Here is my collection in its current state. I'm very happy and as of right now there...