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    3D printed base for BLF LT1 Mini

    Cool thanks! I just submitted the file to $9 printed and shipped!
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    Most Efficient longest run time 18650 & 21700 lights

    I'll say this.. I use an sc64 on a very low level, .1 lumen? , And it runs non stop for 3 months or so. I use it as a nightlight and just never shut it off I use it as a night light
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    "Shake" LED lights?

    I'm clicking the links and thinking my phone is dead... Then I see the year of the first post... I had just gotten married. Have I gone back, is this one of those do-over dreams?!?!
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    Convoy 12-group flashlight owners...which mode do you prefer?

    Group 10 for me, and love the username, my favorite genus! We have two hobbies in common! Group 10
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    Is the Convoy S2+ still a good budget choice? thats simon's store, the convoy guy
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    Forum Designed light

    from candle power forums...? I dont recall This forum doing that.................
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    A blast from the past: Whatever happened to your Fenix L1P?

    A beam shot comparo to a modern ZL or something,would be nice
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    Fraz Labs Mechanical Flashlights (formerly QTC Non-Battery Crush)

    Posted my TN21700 FS in a couple places............ for those who cant wait..
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    Fraz Labs Mechanical Flashlights (formerly QTC Non-Battery Crush)

    +1 Came here to say just this... If the ascending marks indicated a level or something, maybe.. The even lines of Fraz's prototype are much more appealing to me
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    Fraz Labs Mechanical Flashlights (formerly QTC Non-Battery Crush)

    My tiny nugget 21700.. the box still smells of the charring process... pictured next to my S21
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Zebralight sc600

    Light received, very fast! Cannot go wrong with an sc600 anything for this price !!! Thanks Khsaccali

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