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    LED “fiber optic” Xmas tree repair/upgrade?

    Perfectly good project. Hard to give any kind of advice since I don't known how the innards are put together.
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    Looking for a 'tripwire' flashlight

    Clean. Simple. Effective. Not pretty, but doesn't need to be. Well done!
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    Most Long-Lasting Lightsource?

    Trits dim fast because Tritium has a twelve year half life. There are other Beta emitters that have longer half lives. We mostly use Tritium because the others are all more dangerous to have around. Carbon 14 has a half life of 5,730 years, but that still isn't enough for this project.
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    Resin, Diamond, and GID Ring

    Guy makes a spiffy ring out of resin, industrial diamond chips, and glow powder. Comes out nice.
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    funny mistranslation of banggood motercycle LED light

    Heat lamps have been out for years. Until now cold lamps have lagged sadly behind. Good to know someone has been working on the problem.
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    FIrst project - how to update my desk lamp

    Either move the light source closer to the opening or mount a diffuser by the opening. Both easy.
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    Early America Lighting, Circa 1565 - 1620 & Beyond

    I have seen pictures of old school Inuit oil lamps. It is an open container, not too different than a shallow cup with a ledge on one side. A wick lays on the ledge with one end down in the seal(?) oil.
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    Most Long-Lasting Lightsource?

    Put the whole thing deep under the Moon, either North pole or South.* set up a tunnel pointed at the sun. Someone comes along, unblocks the tunnel, and it lights up an image. That image shows how to change to the next image. If the moon has processed they can see that and dig a new tunnel...
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    Powering in-wall LED's - NOOB

    Are there any outlets in the attic? Would you be agreeable to just screw a couple of fixtures on the wall and run cords to an outlet?
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    Disaster on top of disaster preparedness

    On my agenda the Korean Flamethrower Squirrels are up next. Remember: If you see one in the road drive AROUND it!
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    Looking for a 'tripwire' flashlight

    Turbodog, I know that you don't want to run line voltage through the wall of the shelter, that you see it as a safety hazard. What would you think about running 12 volts DC in through the wall? You could have a smart battery tender plugged into the garage somewhere and have a good sized 12...
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    Powering a camp lantern with a car battery?

    If you want something a little rougher, it would be perfectly possible to take the battery out of the vehicle, rip out a marker light or headlight with some of the wiring attached*, sit the battery in the cave, strip some insulation off the end of either wire (that can be done with fingernails...
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    Looking for a 'tripwire' flashlight

    How do you reset it?
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    They had a neat concept. The actual production would be technically demanding. I expect that they could not manufacture the product and that the whole enterprise has faded. It's a pity, I would have liked some.
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    Drone torch

    What I believe he was saying is that your diodes will be heat sensitive and will last better if they run cooler, and that having lots of air flow over your heat sink will help cool it which will make the electronics work better. For whichever light you choose, check to see if the cool-white...