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    Butter and Bread and Sandwiches Oh My! (II)

    Everything has to come together to cook eggs like this. You can drop the yolk in last to mimic, but these were cracked in the pan all at once
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    WTB: Novatac 120p

    I've got 3 of the Novatac that are labeled "Made in USA", but rumored to be made in China. They are constructed very well and have one of the best beam profile's I've seen. I put a 519a in mine. It took a lot of work to mod the light due to the construction. One of my favorite lights. $55...
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    Early Morning Light

    I use my Malkoff Super Hound Dog on high. I don't need light to navigate around my house. I have memorized the movements needed to move throughout the house undetected and rely on my other senses.
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    EDC 120 and EDC 85P, what might they be worth these days?

    I’ve seen the brand go from $45 to $200 if it’s a specific model/color someone is after. So a wide swing. $75 the norm There’s a pretty big original novatac following on Facebook and they’ll sell if fairly priced
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    One is none

    Malkoff Super Hound Dog in a drop leg kydex holster…on each leg bc two is one. I wear a headlamp in case I find myself in a situation where two super hound dogs aren’t enough
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    The Malkoff machining legend returns! Do you have plans to make any small runs?
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    Cheers to Members of Candlepowerforums

    haha, na I meant those exotic "precious" metals flashlights that are posted on FB along with a fanny pack's worth of hard-use every day carry useless and worthless stuff that look brand new.
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    Cheers to Members of Candlepowerforums

    Everyday is a new day that allows us to choose to make better, or we can make choices that worsens us. I may not be strong today, but I definitely won’t be stronger 30 days from now if I don’t work everyday to become stronger. Forum traffic has nothing to do with the lack of rules, mods or how...
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    A quality thrower

    Surefire Dominator comes to mind. I'm not well versed in the professional search and rescue light scene where throwers with 100% dependability are critical. Most professional search and rescue lights are bigger with...
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    Muyshondt has really disappointed. I will never buy from him again. Am I wrong here?

    Send an email to the moderator. Maybe it’s an oversight and he’ll correct it for you.
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    Stay ready
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    A quality thrower

    Not within your price point Super Hound Dog just does everything well. It's not the best at any one thing, but it does everything well and doesn't quit.
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    Muyshondt has really disappointed. I will never buy from him again. Am I wrong here?

    Attorneys are your best friend when you need them. I’m a mediator and I tell ya, they make a huge difference when a good one is on your side. And if you ever have a discussion with anyone of authority — whether local or federal — you need an attorney with you. Trust no one. The civil legal...
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    Muyshondt has really disappointed. I will never buy from him again. Am I wrong here?

    Two places built to not lose: casinos and car dealerships. They don’t build those palaces because they lose…

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