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  • Kiessling:
    I have been a member here for several years and would like to use one of your photos in my website in my "When the lights go out!" article about flashlights. You can read the article at:

    The photo in question is at:

    Your post is number #18 and the photo is the 6th one down which is of several Photon keychain lights in different colors.

    I can use another photo from somewhere, but I think yours is excellent. If I may use your photo, please let me know. My website and that particular article will be the only place I would use the image.


    Connor Williams
    I just wanted to thank you for all your work on the "McGizmo FAQs and General Information" and "McGizmo Product Overview". I have spent several hours going over your thread and enjoyed every minute. It's a wealth of information for all CPF members and has helped me a lot in starting my collection.

    Thank Again
    Bernie, Do you have any idea how long till the 2x123 buck converter makai will be available? Just a guess you think a couple weeks or months? If its a couple weeks I will wait for the 2x123 buck converter makai but if its months I will go ahead and buy the 1x123 version then upgrade the light at a later time. Your best guess would be much appreciated. Travis
    I do not know. Technically it would be something with insurance and tracking I suppose. Then again, such a package screams "I am worth stealing" whereas a USPS standard shipment won't draw much attention. In the end, I had packages with all kinds of shipping methods arrive safe and sound at my door.

    What is the safest way to send a very valuable light from the US to Germany?

    Thanks in advance for any advice,

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