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    Muyshondt has really disappointed. I will never buy from him again. Am I wrong here?

    We do not know the precise interactions between buyer and seller. It could very well have been that the vendor decided there was no use spending more time on the matter. Who are we to judge how someone’s return policy is right or wrong? People should get to choose their return policy to some...

    Zebralight Package

    Here today, gone tomorrow?

    Bioenno Power LiFePO4 cell pack question

    Interesting. More and more people are using the Lithium Ferrous Phosphate chemistry for solar energy storage applications. They last for years. Bioenno is still a player today.

    Am I the only one who drives the speed limit?

    Traveling back roads west from Jacksonville Texas to Albuquerque New Mexico, it is so obvious Texas allows higher speed limits. With roads twisting through thick pine forest some 50 feet on both sides of the road, a deer (or inattentive driver) would total a vehicle so easily bounding in front...

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Thanks to all of you and prayers for all those suffering this day of Thanksgiving.

    Show your nightstand flashlight!

    Exceptionally nice, TnC. Primary for me is Fraz Labs QT 18650 because of the low, low.

    Orbtronic 21700, 18650 and 16340s

    Yes. Is Sal still with Orbtronic? He is a good source of information. Their bare cells are legitimate. Illumn are fine folks as well.

    What Happened to Zebralight R&D?

    Do 7 Happy Meals = 1 Zebralight? (Not a happy thought)

    What Happened to Zebralight R&D?

    Years ago, Zebralight had a presence on candlepowerforums. Seems like we read that ZL was using American aluminum for a short time(?) We learned that Gorilla glass was used for ZL lenses. It is made in USA but now in other countries as well. Wondering where the high quality ZL switches are made?

    How degradation mechanisms occur on Li-ion batteries

    How about more words to consider (member RCinFLA post#12) Most all lithium-ion batteries operate in pretty much the same way. Positive cathode supplies the lithium and graphite...

    In the USA is it legal to cuss out a cop?

    There is a difference between straight talking, and telling people off because of a perceived superiority. Sometimes errors or different opinions are best left reclined: A personal failure of mine.

    Muyshondt has really disappointed. I will never buy from him again. Am I wrong here?

    I work with students on the autistic spectrum; not funny. If you were the parent of a seriously challenged child, you would not be taking time to disparage N batteries.

    Muyshondt has really disappointed. I will never buy from him again. Am I wrong here?

    Good heavens how this thread drags on. In the thread title, the author questions if he is right in his beliefs. Muyshondt is trying to put food on the table selling expensive flashlights. It is Muyshondt’s choice how the business is run. If you don’t like Muyshondt’s terms, don’t buy anything...

    Cars, Man

    The Mercedes-AMG One has set a new fastest lap for production cars at the Nürburgring, eclipsing the previous record by almost 10sec. The 1049bhp hypercar posted a time of 6min 35.183sec around the 156-corner circuit, driven by Mercedes DTM driver Maro Engel on 28 October. This lap time also...

    21700 or 18650 - just starting out

    Is there any flashlight manufacturer that suggests using a magnet on the positive side to get some battery to work? Thinking no. Wondering if somehow the magnet might shift so that contact with the body and the positive of the battery might initiate some kind of florid expression?