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    Nitecore TUP: impressions/pictures, (beam)shots, comparison

    I tested already some members of the mini-light-series made by Nitecore: Very compact (keychain)lights with good output to their sizes and two built-in user-modes. Nitecore added another one to this line: The “big” TUP with max. 1000 lumens output. Extra to this light is the informative...
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    Review: Rovyvon Aurora A8UV: EDC, rechargeable, 350 lumens, Nichia/Red/UV;(beam)shots

    In my life, I had my hands on to many flashlights of different brands. I know there are a lot of brands, and many are still unknown to me. I never heard of Rovyvon until I met the brand via social media. This brand had my interest and I got in contact with the manufacturer. First light that came...
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    Review: Acebeam W10: white laser, 21700-battery, USB-C, 1000 meters, (beam)shots

    Being a flashlight-enthusiast, I always look forward to meet something new. So, I was very happy that the Acebeam W10 arrived in the mail! This is a concept that I never tried out before: The W10 is a white laser-light with a very narrow beam that could reach a distance up to 1000 meters! This...
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    Acebeam X45 - 2 months old and defective

    Did you check the voltage of the cells with a multimeter? Sometimes chargers can show batteries are full but your multimeter will show 0.0 because of PCB-protection.
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    Why are Nitecore so incredibly stubborn to not offer more led options/color temp

    I tried out some of these, indeed most are lanterns or headlamps. I still love the color of the MT-G2 led that the (discontinued) P36 flashlight has. I think Nitecore will pick this up and launch more "warm-lights" in future.
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    Review: Acebeam X45: 4 x XHP70.2 P2, 18000 lumens, impressions, beamshots, comparison

    Acebeam is a leading manufacturer in the “lumens-race” and launches always innovative products. So, I was happy when I had a mailcall (the light was sent out by that the X45 arrived. I know that there are several brighter lights already, also made by Acebeam, but for me this is...
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    Acebeam K65: XHP70.2 dedomed, 6200 lumens, 4xIMR18650, beamshots, compare

    I don't have IMR flat tops in my collection, so I can try this out. But thanks for your information.
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    Review: Fenix E16, EDC, XP-L, 1x16340/CR123A, 700 lumens, beamshots

    Hoping for this too! It would make the light better.
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    Review: Fenix E16, EDC, XP-L, 1x16340/CR123A, 700 lumens, beamshots

    Fenixlight has just introduced the most tiny and the most powerful flashlight that runs on a single 16340. The new Fenix-baby is called E16 and is designed for all-day-use and in and around home. The light is one of the “new-generation” of the manufacturer: It has refreshed style and some nice...
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    Review: Nitecore TM10K: palm-sized, 10000 lumens, 6 x XHP35 HD, USB-C, beamshots

    Recently, something special and for me unexpected made by Nitecore popped up on social media: the next Tiny Monster, called TM10K. This is the first flashlight that is shorter than an average smartphone, but that produces 10000 lumens. This is possible because both the current generation of leds...
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    Nitecore LR12, “lipstick-lantern/flashlight”, XP-L HD V6, 1000 lumens, (beam)shots

    23mm. Two options to add the cap: To the head or to the diffuser.
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    Nitecore LR12, “lipstick-lantern/flashlight”, XP-L HD V6, 1000 lumens, (beam)shots

    No special chapter about the magnet, but I referred to it in the impressions and user interface-paragraph. The pictures with the red cone and the railway crossing show the LR12 pasted on a metal surface. :)
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    Nitecore LR12, “lipstick-lantern/flashlight”, XP-L HD V6, 1000 lumens, (beam)shots

    Nitecore introduced again something special and interesting in the past year: A “lipstick-light”, the LA10. Really a nice find, a light with a built-in diffuser-cone that can be extended and retracted. The big brother of the LA10, the LR12, was launched recently. A larger version, that runs on a...
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    Review: YLP Gryphon G180: 9 x XP-G2-NW, 3200 lumens, 3x18650; beamshots, compare

    I don't know any dealer who sells this light. Here is the link to the online store
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    Acebeam L30: Tactical, Rechargeable, XHP70.2, 4000 lumens, 20700-battery, (beam)shots

    Re: Acebeam L30: Tactical, Rechargeable, XHP70.2, 4000 lumens, 20700-battery, (be... Thanks guys. Let me know if you have any question!

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