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    Hiking in the nude

    I bet that monster cuts right through the fog!
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    Hiking in the nude

    S&R, it has been that way up north at Manresa State Bch. If cars are left inside parking lot after closing at "dusk" gates are locked and cars are towed. Weekends the worse. Rangers on duty want to lock up and go home, especially Saturday night. So, we park outside the gates. Pedestrian trails...
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    Sofirn IF25a

    The batteries offered 4000mah (Samsung 40T?) and/or 5000mah, are they proprietary?
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    Show your AAA lights

    Linx, Why no Streamlight Stylus Pro 2x AAA?🧐 ..and they come in assorted colors too!
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Broken dishwasher door balance cord. Requires laying on back removing floor kick plate screws with Microstream AAA in mouth Btw, Streamlight changed LED in their AAA, and not for the better. New (Cree?) emitter has awful tint, even more blue than before, and one ugly lookin hot spot! But it...
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    MD-1 (18350) & MD-1.5 (18500) By FiveMega

    Are there any bodies unplated?
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    The Lounge 2021

    ^ although that blue stripe shows Vinh gives support to law enforcement, which is a plus .. especially if pulled over for citations, every little bit helps 🇺🇸
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    Favorite movie quotes…….can you name the movie?

    Steve Martin in The Jerk.. Very funny movie!
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    911- 20 years later, where were you?

    I wonder what the Mujahideen think of their Taliban brothers in control of Afghanistan. Let's hope they cancel themselves out
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    Fraz Labs Mechanical Flashlights (formerly QTC Non-Battery Crush)

    Kitro, would you object to 21700 size in 7075? I'd be down for one in bare metal unplated, or clear ano just to stop oxidation
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    The Lounge 2021

    Is there a SS pocket clip offered, or one that works with D4S?
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    Light cutting out due to corrosion

    Are you guys using deox-it in aerosol cans, same stuff used on electric guitar pickups and jacks? Has anyone tried red in 25mm bottle with needle tip applicator? I use to have a can of red stuff, had brush on cap used for auto batteries. Oxidation is worse living near the coast
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    911- 20 years later, where were you?

    Early news footage, the images of people jumping to their deaths to avoid being burned alive.. The terror of those who were trapped in elevators as buildings collapsed I hope Americans never forget!
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    Malkoff Devices RED, AMBER, or GREEN M61 LL Dropin Group Buy!

    Full power, this would set a standard (basis) to work-off of?
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    ^ or might not want to start a stock pile of 21700 cells