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    2AA headlamps?

    It is only the red taillight that is power by AA, the headlight is power by its own batterypack. And there is no way that lights put out 5000lm, my guess is that is somewhere around 1500lm max.
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    I made my own adapter, it is just a spacer with a M5 screw and a ring to cover the gap.
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    Some Surefire-Malkoff lego. Almost as long as a M4.
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    My case for the underrated, underloved Surefire M4

    Try using it with 2x 17670 and a LF EO-M3T. Or the M3-head, 2x 17670 an LF LF HO-M3.
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    how long will 18650 3100mah battery last on xml-t6 led?

    It is only 9% difference between 3100mAh and the 3400mAh battery so don not expect it to be much better.
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    Z41 Tailstand.

    3D-printed tailstands for Surefire Z41. If somebody wants I can uppload the STL-files. The diameter of the hole is 26mm so it should fit other tailcaps too.
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    SF M3 & M4 LED Conversion Ideas Makes your tailcap a clicky.
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    Its official. I'm a C2-HA addict..... *part 2*

    Does anyone know where I can get a new rubber grip-ring for my C2?
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    Oveready has som GITD MD2 and MD3.
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    Torch "UltraFire" 12xT6 13800 Lumen

    First, current is measured in amps(A) not in Ah. If you connect batteries in series you add upp the voltage, but the Ah is the same. If all LEDs are in series, 3A is max current and the voltage is number of led x forward voltage of each LED. And you have no idea of how the driver in the torch is...
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    Multiple P60 Host?

    New version with separate retaining-rings for the drop-ins.
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    Multiple P60 Host?

    If you make a batterypack with 4 18650-cells in parallell and you controll the drop-ins individually you can have one low output drop-in like a Malkoff M61LL and get really long runtime. Why 4 drop-ins?, smaller head and I would think that 3 is enough for most people. this is just a really...
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    Multiple P60 Host?

    Yes, the head is solid. here is a section-view.
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    Multiple P60 Host?

    I use SolidWorks 2012.
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    Multiple P60 Host?

    Here is one more example of a host with 4 18650-cells. The handle is 50mm in diameter.

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