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    New SureFire products for 2014

    I totally agree! UB1 AND UB2 were vaporware! BTW I'm back after a 4 year hiatus...
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    Surefire M6LT PRICING question

    Been a long time since I've posted anything but I'M BACK! Did anybody notice the Surefire M6LT pricing go down these last few months? If I recall correctly the MSRP was about 500 or 550 and I've notice a lot of places selling them for 250 to 298 now. Any clue why? I've have no luck in finding...
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    Surefire 2011 Inflation

    Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, its about that time again. Surefire will be increasing their prices on a lot of their flashlights. 6PX = $115 G2X = $95 E2L AA = $180 E2DL = $189 E1B BK/SL = $160 A2L- BLUE = $285 A2L- GREEN = $270 A2L- RED = $305 A2L- WHITE = $316 M3LT = $550 M3LT-S =...
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    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 3)

    Customer engraved Surefire C2 on Hawaii 5-0 tonight.
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    I don't understand the LX2's lanyard

    Yeah I'm left handed. But I can shoot with my right hand as well. I can do harries along with the FBI Modified technique as well. The lanyard is also cut so that when I have the flashlight in my front pocket the lanyard serves as a way for me to pull out the light faster than it would be if I...
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    I don't understand the LX2's lanyard

    I actually find a ton of use for the LX2's lanyard. I've actually shortened it to my liking and its perfect for hands free use. You'll notice in my pics I do not have my hands closed to secure the flashlight but it is actually held in place with the lanyard. If you were using this in conjunction...
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    SF Z2-S: Pics and Thoughts

    I just got my brand new Z2-S and am still in the "toying" phase. When I twisted the LED head off it came off easier than the other lights I owned such as a 6p, E2DL, E1B Backup etc. as a matter of fact the O-ring wasn't even covered by the end of the LED cap. When I took off the LED assembly I...
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    Surefire’s 2010 New Lights Discussion

    Thanks Monocrom!
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    SureFire E-Series Addicts Unite!

    Thanks Man, I really appreciate it. Believe it or not your post made my day. :party:
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    Surefire’s 2010 New Lights Discussion

    Look at it this way guys in another 6 months we will have a new INVICTUS/OPTIMUS/ U3 ABCDEFEG1234 to drool over that will not ever see the light of day again. :paypal:
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    SureFire E-Series Addicts Unite!

    Any beamshots from that KM2? I was wondering how bright it was compared to an LX2 or E2DL. I've been considering purchasing the KM2 as an accessory just to see the brightness and could careless for the IR but figured someone might have beamshots of this badboy. If you have beamshots or a review...
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    Surefire Mini Scout

    Does anybody know what the name of the head is for the Mini scout? I don't this thing has been discussed before. If it has please direct me to the thread if found.
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    Surefire’s 2010 New Lights Discussion

    So at my job we have a few M3LTs on order so I'm assuming this is a sign that they will be released in the next 3 to 5 weeks....HOPEFULLY. This of course can change since my job has had the UB2 on order for 3 years now :shrug:
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    SureFire G2D-FYL

    Thanks You for your quick responses. It would make sense if they made the Tailcap Type III also so it would match but I guess that's too much to ask for.
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    SureFire G2D-FYL

    Not sure if this has been discussed or cover but I was curious if anyone knew what type of anodizing is on the KX3 head on the G2D? Seems like Type III but doesn't feel like it. Please help!