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    Sold/Expired CLOSED...WTB Rare and Unique Oldies

    Re: WTB Rare Oldies, Ti-Aleph, McGizmo, T.B. and e-series parts. I do have a McGizmo Aleph1 Head with McR-27, black and no damage/wear. Also a complete kit to make a light engine, unused/all parts, also a "deceased light engine, the "spirit" left the item as blue smoke after short use! Have no...
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    Woman mistakes Dynamite for candle during power outage.

    Storing dynamite with already installed igniter! That is negligence! Dynamite in itself does not blow up. only burn very hot. As a young boy, doing very stupid things with some friends, we lighted dynamite and burned it, inside the boathouse. Left from the grandfather of one friend, who had been...
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    Sold/Expired FOUND: SF E1E

    Re: WTB/WTT SF E series Elite for E1B 110lm head You want a Surefire E1/2 Elite head, for incandescent bulbs? There are some complete lights on eBay, USD 200 plus! So sorry, you are a few years too late if you do not want to pay up! Incandescent bulbs also getting harder to find, but if that is...
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    Sold/Expired FOUND: SF E1E

    Re: WTB SF E series incan head Surefire E-series KL-4- head is a LED, not incandescent!
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Surefire E1e, Users are fine --FOUND--

    Re: WTB: Surefire E1e, Users are fine There are several available on eBay. "Users" as well as obvious "Shelf Queens" .
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    Sold/Expired Bi-Metal E Head, E tail 18350 &18500 by Fivemega

    Paypal USD 56 for Bare aluminum Bi-Metal Version 18350 #01 Bare aluminum E series Bi-Metal single 18350 body $44 sent.
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    Sold/Expired 18350 & 18500 E head E tail From Fivemega

    If there is any blemished Grey 18350 E head E tail available, I would love to get one. Or a natural aluminum, not anodized version too would be very much accepted!
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    Sold/Expired Surefire e2e

    If you can ship International, to Norway, and split the E2e up, I would take the E2e head.
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    "Surefire" E series tailcap

    I assume the tailcap he is referring to is this one, sold from many vendors on eBay. It does work, "as is", with my Surefire lights and tubes, as well as other E-type tubes. It seems to seal well, smooth action when screwing/unscrewing. That the retaining ring for the boot is not glued on with...
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    Poor man's McE2S?

    There is no PWM regulation in the Aviator. It is a voltage regulating circuit keeping the voltage to the incan bulb up to 4 V during use. The LEDs are On as well when the incan bulb is On. The McE2S circuit when installed in a light's tail has a resistor In-Line which connects first and lets...
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    E2L AA Outdoorsman w/ MN01 E1e head

    What is " Sparks Illumination " ? Google does not come up with anything, is this just an old Internet shop not in existence anymore?
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    SureFire E-Series Addicts Unite!

    An old E-type Rothandir 18650 body with Surefire head and tail, and Tad's or fivemega Bi-pin holder and incan bulb, more than enough for use outdoors a dark evening:
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    Lifepo4 maximum charging voltage 4.2V ???

    But that is a LiFePo 3.0V cell, 16340? It is protected, have a circuitry built-in to regulate charge and output voltage, so the info reflects to this cell.
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    Who could make an 18650 E series body for me? These are actually very nice ones, I have a 18350 one, very trouble free use with a Surefire E1 head and a bi-pin adapter.