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    Advice for a LEP for my dog

    LEPs are not coherent like lasers... just intense because of the highly concentrated hotspot. The WelTool W4 is what you'd need to make sure the dot remains a dot at increased distances. I have the WelTool W3Pro, but it begins to spread enough at 30ft that I'm not sure your dog would recognize...
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    Hey I'm just wondering if yous disassembly and cleaning proved helpful, or if the dust is just too exaggerated by the beam that cleaning is inconsequential? I have a WelTool W3Pro that seems over-the-top dusty. See this Gdrive link...
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    Fenix Tk30 vs. WelTool W3Pro?

    Here are some beamshots from the WelTool W3Pro:
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    Fenix Tk30 vs. WelTool W3Pro?

    Because I'm eager to see this tech developed further, I'm happy to pay the price of admission at this point. I called Fenix-Store about coming availability, and their short answer is "we don't know when we'll have them". However, BatteryJunction is somehow optimistic for the 11th?!
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    Fenix Tk30 vs. WelTool W3Pro?

    Then I hope to contribute soon; I went ahead and put a TK30 on pre-order.
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    Fenix Tk30 vs. WelTool W3Pro?

    Except for the one thread here, I don't see any mentions or comparisons of the Fenix Tk30. Is this because of disdain for the brand, or just because its too new to have made the rounds yet? I'm torn between ordering the WelTool W3Pro vs. the Fenix TK30
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    Weltool W3 & Acebeam W30

    Great deep-dive. Thank you. I like how functional that W3 beam looks.
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    Rigging flashlignts to bike/ATV/other frames?

    Thank you for pointing the way to RAM! Question: I found all the components in the picture, except for the tray and rubber band. What are those ?
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    Zebralight SC700d 21700 XHP70.2 90+CRI

    Hi Derek, I signed-up just to reply to your great post - as I'm considering purchasing the sc700d. I had to return my first ZL light - a h600d, because I couldn't handle the greenish vibe from the XHP50.2 5000k. Had I known about the filters however, I would've probably kept it. So, to my...