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    Acebeam W30vn - The LED Thrower R (DISCONTINUED SOON)

    Re: Acebeam W30vn - The LED Thrower R Over 2mcd would be really tempting, but I'm kinda worried about getting a dud. :sssh:
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    Emisar D4Svn - Most Compact 26650 Quad R

    Vinh which XPG2 tint are you using nowadays to dedome? Do you still have stock of the "old" ones or are these the current ones?
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    What to do with faulty Lumintop Tool AA

    What's the driver size for the Tool AA? 15mm?
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    BLF GTvn V2 - 2Mcd Throw King (August 2018)

    Does it fit in the TN42?
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    BLF GTvn V2 - 2Mcd Throw King (August 2018)

    Re: 2Mcd Here we go! Astrolux MF04 Oslon?
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    vinhnguyen54 How To Wrap A P60 Drop In

    Man I remember when P60 dropins were popular. Nowadays you have such a large variety of production lights and the complete lights are even cheaper than the dropins back then. :o
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    Haikelite MT09Rvn - Most Bang 4 your $$$

    If only the x45 came in a version with a deeper reflector. I really like the traditional spill that goes right in front of your feet. But I guess with such high output the MT09R is much more practical, because you don't blind yourself so much?
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    Haikelite MT09Rvn - Most Bang 4 your $$$

    Are the carrier springs bypassed by default now or just the top spring? How much for an all spring bypass 5000K version?
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    Haikelite HT08vn - Best Compact Zoomie R

    Never in my life I could have imagined to say this, but... this zoomie looks nice :huh:
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    The Lounge 2018

    Vinh you once said you could show us the process of beam tuning on a TN42vn. I'm still very interested and possibly other people as well. :grin2:
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    SOLD: XHP70.2 BLFGT 8,000 lumen

    Re: FOR SALE: XHP70.2 BLFGT 8,000 lumen I actually missed it, damn. Congrats to the new owner. :thumbsup:
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    2018 Successor to TK75nvQ?

    Nah you are not really losing anything, because the GAs will have a higher voltage sag under such heavy loads. So in the end the VTC6 even at 4.1V will probably last longer until 3V than the GA would. Of course you can safely use the VTC6 at anything below 100% at 4.2V
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    2018 Successor to TK75nvQ?

    I talked to Vinh about battery choice when I bought mine. He doesn't recommend using unprotected high current cells. It's a gamble because the TN40vn draws an enormous amount of current for the XHP35s and depending on the individual emitter, you might kill one. I charge my VTC6s to only 4.1V...
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    Acebeam X45vn - ARK (25K Lumen)

    Was there ever a dedomed version build from Vinh? I wonder what the tradeoff between lumens and lux would be.
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    Thrunite TN42vn 2018 - Best Rounded Thrower R

    Hm thanks, I expected it to hold the lumens for longer since it's driven rather conservative. :thinking: