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    Halogen inrush current

    I'm with vicv, especially as I have done enough cobbling together 12V systems for lighting and what not that I can say I have never seen a switch rated for the current capacity ever fail due to inrush. Fail due to brief shorts? Absolutely, but they were seconds long, not milliseconds. Even those...
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    Best loaner/gift lights under $15

    Definitely second the Tubes.
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    I need 2 lights an EDC and a Thrower

    Despite my dislike of Olight's new business model of using proprietary cells in their lights, they are good lights. The Warrior X Pro is an excellent thrower and you could go with the Warrior Mini II for EDC.
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    365 nm UV flashlights

    You know the Nitecore can be set and left on the UV light? At least the original P20UV can. You still cycle through the white light modes but you should be able to choose the UV mode just like any of the white modes and leave it there. It's what I have done with mine since I don't need my P20UV...
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    Clip on light for coat

    Nitecore Thumb
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    Hello, Everyone! New member here!

    Welcome. We'll just assume you are silly. No big deal around here.
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    The Mode Memory Management Problem

    I like options, the more the better... in general. I too prefer an instant access to Turbo and to Low or Moonlight. Mode memory is usefull for when you're needing light, but not all of it and more than just the least amount possible.
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    Stage electrician's light for power outages

    Try looking at, you can make all kinds of selections to filter out what you want. It will help give you an idea of what is out there.
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    2004 Dodge Ram 1500 replacement headlight assemblies

    I'd say get the Turtlewax head light polishing kit and keep the factory lights then go find a salvage yard replacement for the missing one. I have seen several reviews by completely separate auto channels reviewing the polishing kits and the Turtlewax kit seems to get the best results when you...
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    Lumens or runtime?

    As I finished this thread I looked over to my dozen or so spare cells that actually aren't in any flashlights because they don't need to be as all of my lights are loaded and fully charged, I realized that I don't need runtime all. Yeah I suppose if the power were to go out for more...
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    Is it my imagination or, is this Forum declining?

    We can all pretend that we don't know why things have been in decline here, but it doesn't matter anymore. I have my reasons for not posting as much anymore and it has nothing to do with the current state of tech. Too many times I've seen entire threads deleted because the discussion covered a...
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    How old is you EDC flashlight?

    My oldest is definitely the one in the center of my avatar pic; Original Laser Products Surefire 6P. But it has been retired as my EDC. The newest one and the one I currently carry the most is my Olight Warrior Mini. It is usually the only thing in whichever pocket it is in due to the magnet...
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    Acebeam new and innovative and EDC & Tactical P15 now is ready!

    Looks nice. I like the dark green color. But I lost all interest at the "customized 18650" I imagine I know how it is customized but that doesn't mean I will ever buy one. I understand, you are following Olight's success in the hopes that it makes your light successful. I have stopped buying...
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    LED light as a "beacon"

    Since LEDs don't work the same as incandescents it is kinda hard to say for sure since it COULD be an old LED from 10 years ago that just sucks down the power while only providing fifty lumens or so. It probably would be...but without specs and all it will be hard to give you any feedback.