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    Flashlight for a friend on a farm

    Yeah I'm gonna also recommend the Malkoff light suggestion as well.
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    Torch for a 6 year old

    Seriously? When I was six years old I wasn't attempting to eat batteries. And yes, I knew what batteries were, a few of my toys at the time needed them.
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    Anyone Know Why?

    Basically your MH20 is old tech. It uses an older, more power hungry LED for the light source. Yes the specs may be similar but the XP-L LED in the newer lantern is more efficient at producing light. It's the coolest part of not using a burning wire to emit photons. Advances in the manufacturing...
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    Going gear rocks

    I think it was GoingGear or something like that. Not sure though.
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    lumitop fwaa almost perfect!!!!!

    I'm sure every owner of a Chevy Cruz feels it would be the perfect car if only it had an LS...but then it wouldn't be a Cruz.
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    Flight Medic burned by lithium batteries

    Keys likely made contact and thus a short circuit. I guess. I doubt that they conducted a real investigation.
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    Worse flashlight feature by far

    Yeah I'm gonna go with proprietary cells. I won't buy a flashlight that uses them anymore. I have "accepted" the use of non-replaceable cells in certain other lights because I can. I am confidant that I could disassemble the light and replace it if needed but I probably will never need to.
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    Magnetic Charging Base & 1000+ lumen flashlight wanted under $65

    He's probably been seeing all of the bay listings or similar site listings for all of the cheap lights with grossly overstated outputs. Just because they claim to output 8000 lumens doesn't mean that they actually do.
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    I have an old P20UV and an i2 charger that still work without any problems. I've had them for several years. The i2 is what I charge all of my LG and Keeppower cells on.
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    NRA membership gift

    I'm sure Wayne already has a brand new Armani suite picked out to buy with your donation.
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    Most carried light, only 1.

    Most carried for years was my 6P. Then My C2. Now it tends to be my Warrior Mini. Though like Bykfixr, I don't just carry one light. Warrior Mini and a 3P clone are what is usually with me. One day I may find an old Backup or maybe I'll splurge on a EDCL1-T.
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    Picked up what is an odd round body Surefire today.

    Wish my Laser Products Sure•Fire 6P was still in as good a shape! Quite the find! Pick up a couple of 16650 cells and throw a nice Malkoff or Lumens Factory module in it and you've got quite the nice flashlight.
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    Surefire round body light no marked what model on tail cap

    Nice! That's what I did with mine. I have other lights, even a couple of other Surefires that I use more often so there is just no need to "use" the old 6P now.
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    Need to dim a 194 equiv.

    Could make a diffuser out of a plastic milk jug then spray on some Plasti-Dip smoke color which is intended for darkening tail-lights and stuff on cars. I just dont see how a stock auto lamp could be too bright. It's supposed to make your license plate visible at night.
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    Surefire round body light no marked what model on tail cap

    I'm pretty sure too. I bought the 3P to mate with a Kahr K9 that I had just purchased and was hoping to make a light/pistol combo as compact as possible. Unfortunately the 3P was not as impressive as the 6P. I ended up sticking with the 6P until more recently.